6 tips to ensure your website is pulling its weight

Your business website may be a potential client’s first impression of your business. If promoted correctly, thousands of potential and existing clients would have already formed an impression of your business before they pick up the phone or walk through the door. Your company website is another member of your sales team, is the information on your website convincing these potential clients that your business is right for them. The solution to converting those looking at your website into clients could be a lot easier than you think.

One, often overlooked, aspect of your website could be letting the whole side down. Many websites are weighed down with too much text and are hard to navigate. Most people switch off if they bombarded by a page of text or it is hard to find the information they want easily. It is best to have your services filed under navigational tabs such as about us, products, contact etc.

Much of the text contained in websites focuses on the features of the product or service and not the benefits. This includes generic terms such as “quality”, “economical”, “professional” etc. While you want your clients to understand that your product or service is produced with love, care and quality, it’s a claim that most clients see as a “given” and not a point of difference from your competitors.

Here are 6 tips to maximise the benefits of your website

  • Treat your website as another member of your team. Each day, your team answer many client questions. What are the most common questions they receive? Ensure your team provide you with a list of common client questions and check that your website answers these
  • Your text should be punchy, interesting and speak directly to your clients. It must tell them what the benefits of your businesses product/service and clearly highlight the benefits of the services offered and the products available.
  • Make it even easier for clients to contact you by having a contact link on each page of your website.
  • Updated and benefit focused text will help gain clients interest. However, your website still needs to work hard to get them to contact you. Add a “hook” or incentive for clients to call – 10% off a product/service if they mention the website. A web-site promotion will also help you monitor the number of leads generated.
  • Update your website regularly so that existing clients are induced to click-on and see what’s new. Upload monthly specials or news items to entice clients to click on to their website regularly.
  • Include your website address on all of your business letterhead, e-mails and promotional material. Clients aren’t going to visit if they don’t know it exists.

By including all the advantages of the services you offer, offering incentive to contact and making it as easy as possible for prospects to contact you, your website will become a more effective member of your team.

Cindy Parker

Cindy Parker combines 18 years of marketing experience with a Bachelor of Business to help small/medium business owners maximise their profit. Cindy has worked in the Marketing departments of medical, IT, financial services and beauty industries for both Australian and multinational companies.

Four P’s Marketing Solutions assists small business with easy and cost effective marketing activities including website text that converts to sales, PR activities, powerful promotions, plus logical and easy to implement marketing advice. www.fourps.com.au

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