Cause and effect – How to be mindful about PR


Have you ever been in the company of a person who is just one of life’s takers? You know the sort, the one that calls only because they want something, the one that never asks how you are, and the one that receives your support but would never do anything for you?

How does that behaviour make you feel? Me? I accept them for what they are, I have a few in my life but they never play a big part in it, because, if I’m really honest I find it very hard to respect them, and that’s the effect of their choice to behave like that.

I’m one of life’s givers, I go above and beyond in my work and personal life and when that’s valued it brings a glow to life. I try to be mindful in all I do, being ever so aware of effect and consequence. Most people value and respect this, a few don’t but you have to question their motives here not your own!

Imagine applying a mindful, giving attitude to your brand. Imagine what it could bring to your business. I know what happens because I see it every day; it becomes reciprocated in ways you can’t buy; loyalty, trust, likeability, and that glow I mentioned.

It only takes one thing to achieve this:

Being mindful of Transparent Communication

Let me share an example. A client I’ve worked with for years came to me with an image problem. They knew they were the best at what they did but the sector they worked within has a bad reputation – the private training sector – they feared they would be seen the same.

To overcome this we helped them communicate how mindful and transparent their business is through applying a PR led approach to how the business operated.

In brief this meant sharing the good things they do and say with their audiences: the media, prospective customers, existing customers, employees, stakeholders and opinion formers. It comes right from the top in this company, the directors live and breathe it and it shows.

They are now one of the most respected and successful private training companies in the UK. The reason, their audiences believe in them 100%, they like and trust them, and all because the company is authentic in its communication.

Stop hiding behind those corporate values and commitments that in reality no one subscribes to – especially your staff. Stop sticking to the sales script that in reality most people don’t believe – not even the sales team. Yes we all want customers but that doesn’t mean you can’t be authentic, just be mindful and embrace how PR can translate that.

Colette Lowe
Founder and owner of Chew PR, Colette has worked in PR for over 15 years. She has seen both sides and worked for consultancy and in-house teams providing her with an insight not many see. Colette will be contributing to the Public Relations section. She is based in Wakefield, England.
photo credit: wakingphotolife: via photopin cc