Lean Startup Machine Sydney at Fishburners

We want to see more women as successful entrepreneurs! Lean Startup Machine workshops are perfect to get beyond the hype around Lean processes and find out what all-star companies like Dropbox, Etsy, Facebook and Skillshare already use to continuously grow their businesses. Learn how building a Minimum Viable product and running tests to (in)validate your key assumptions can lead you to more traction for your idea.

Lean Startup Machine is a metrics-driven startup competition where teams are taught how to identify the key risks in launching or scaling their startup venture. You will receive hands-on mentorship from experienced entrepreneurs using our framework of Lean Startup tools and techniques. No matter where you are in your idea, you’ll learn a step-by-step process to develop a product or service that your customers will actually want.

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You will get the TOP brains in this space thinking about YOUR idea, sharing insights into your market, helping tweak your messaging, looking at your UX over the course of a weekend. ONE HOUR of consulting with any one of these people would be more than the price of admission.

Event Speakers & Mentors (NEW people added every day):

  • Natasha Rawlings, CEO & Co-Founder at StreetHawkApp
  • Pascale Helyar-Moray, CEO & Founder at StyleRocks
  • Jodie Fox, Founder at Shoes of Prey
  • Catherine Eibner, Lead Startup Advisor at BlueChilli Technology
  • Elisa Chan, Marketing & Community Manager at BlueChilli Technology
  • Pratibha Rai, Product Manager at The New Agency
  • Matt Barrie, CEO & Chairman at Freelancer.com
  • Benjamin Chong, Partner at Right Click Capital
  • Garry Visontay, General Manager at Sydney Seed Fund
  • Sebastien Eckersley-Maslin, CEO & Founder at BlueChilli Technology
  • Hamish Barney, VP of Engineering at Posse
  • + you will have an opportunity to meet me there too :)
Applications are now open for Lean Startup Machine Sydney from 19 April to 21 April at Fishburners.

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Full event details can be found here. Contact: colette@theleanstartupmachine.com with any questions.