The Easiest Ways to Improve Your SEO Ranking

easiest ways to improve your SEO ranking

SEO is an everchanging goalpost based on a number of parameters. Despite that, what you do has a direct and measurable impact on your site ranking. There are lots of complex things you can do to improve it, but equally, there are simple and straightforward steps that need to be taken first. Setting up a good foundation makes everything else easier to build on and we’ve got the easiest ways to improve your SEO ranking.

Before you jump into email marketing strategies, VoIP call buttons, or social media marketing, make sure you’ve gotten the basics set up on your website itself.

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Increase Page Load Speeds

People are not patient. If a website takes too long to load, most people will just close it and try the next result. It’s not likely that people will patiently sit and wait for your website to load. When people click away too quickly, that increases your bounce rate. If you have a high bounce rate, meaning a high number of people click away from your site quickly, it can affect your ranking depending on the type of page.

Compress images and videos (this doesn’t necessarily mean reducing their quality). Reduce clutter from the page and remove unnecessary elements from the site. There are quite a few page load speed tester to track your progress.

Optimise Website Content

Optimise means a lot of different things in SEO. Previously, keywords were the secret sauce in SEO, but now they are one piece of in the overall picture. Today, usability and user-friendly content make a bigger difference, with some keywords sprinkled on top for relevance.

Format content to include a relevant H1 tag at the beginning, H2 headers breaking content into smaller sections, shorter paragraphs, appropriate lists, and other elements that add to the set structure and readability of the content.

The purpose of all of this is to make content simpler for people to interact with. You want things to be easy to read and navigate. If someone comes to a post of yours and finds a giant block of text with no paragraph breaks or titled sections, they may not take the time to read through it.

Start a Blog

Content marketing is a huge part of SEO. Having content related to your business or industry can bring people to your individual pages and improve your overall site authority. Ensure, at a minimum, that you have some useful pieces of content to get started and then add to it is you can.

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One of the Easiest Ways to Improve Your SEO Ranking is by Cleaning Up Your Site

Sometimes we’re guilty of making our websites overly complex. It’s usually an accident, but that doesn’t matter to Google. In general, you should be able to reach any piece of content on your site relatively quickly.

Simplicity is the name of the game. Menus must be easily readable, precisely named, and go directly to the appropriate web pages. People shouldn’t have to guess where to find different pieces of content.

Fix Your Links

Broken, missing, or misleading links are bad news for SEO. With usability as a big measure for SEO, bad site links can do a lot of damage. People who receive error 404 messages or are redirected too many times, will be penalised by search engines. Links should be simple, relevant to the content within the page, and they should be working.

Make sure links to and from your website are not broken. Check to see if any internal or external links to your site are broken. Bad links in your content, or leading to your content, will have negative results for your SEO. Fixing these can have a quick impact.

Make Your Site Responsive

Making your site responsive (meaning it adjusts to fit screens of any size) is simple enough. You don’t really have a reason to avoid it and the benefit is that your site won’t be further penalised by Google!

With a growing section of people accessing the internet from a mobile device, you can’t afford to ignore mobile responsiveness and this alone could have an immediate impact on your SEO, as you could regain ranking in mobile search.

SEO is complex, however, there is a logic behind it. Right now, that logic is that search engines want to promote content that they deem to be most useful for people searching keywords or phrases. All these tips mentioned focus on making your site more user-friendly, relevant, and readable. These are some of the first things you should do for SEO, and they can make a huge impact on your ranking even without a lot of other background work.

Georgi-TodrovAuthor Georgi Todrov

Georgi Todorov, author of easiest ways to improve your SEO ranking, is a digital marketer, specializing in outreach strategies, international SEO and influencer marketing. He uses his marketing expertise over at GetVoIP and DigitalNovas.