A mindset for success in 2014


The mindset for success that I’m going to share with you today is going to give you very specific and valuable paradigms that you can use to help shape your reality for taking the next step in your business. It will help you to overcome fear and doubt and reach out to ask for those bigger clients.

What is a mindset?

Your mindset drives everything. It shows up by helping shape what you believe is possible in the world. What you believe is fixed in the world. And what your reality looks like today.

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You can choose to be a victim to your circumstances.

But I believe that you are hugely powerful. I believe that whilst we can’t always control what happens to us, we can control our reactions to that particular circumstance.

We have to take responsibility for our own stories. These are the stories in your mind that aren’t real. They are driven by patterns that were formed long ago. These patterns define our possibilities and were started in us years ago, back when we were children and weren’t able to decide what we wanted to hear.

Overcoming Fear and Doubt to Get Next Level Clients

The mindset for success that I want to share with you is a simple phrase that lets you overcome fear and doubt, and ask for those bigger clients.

Before I jump right in and share this valuable mindset, I’m going to assume that everyone has a good idea of who their ideal client is today. But I’m also going to ask if you’ve got a good idea of who your client would be if you decided to level up and stop playing safe. That’s who we’re talking about today – your Next Level-up Clients.

Why don’t we get those bigger clients?

Now this is a fascinating question! Sometimes it’s because we don’t know who those clients are who will step-change our business. That’s a limitation in itself, because we should know who can step-change our business.

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But sometimes we know exactly who they are, and we still don’t go after these clients. We think that we’re too small or we don’t have enough experience, so we don’t approach them, and we stay small. Or we do approach them almost on impulse, without having done the proper background work on what motivates them, what they’re trying to achieve.

If you don’t get these bigger clients, it’s a problem because the growth of your business is constrained. You’ll continue to work with your current client base, and you won’t feel stretched to deliver more. For some people, this is great and it works for a few years, but for women who know they are running a business and they know that they want to grow their business to a size bigger than it is today – this is not going to be enough.

When you get bigger clients

When you work with these clients, you also step up. You start to deliver more value (not always more time or complexity). You continue to invest in your own development. And this beautiful virtuous cycle comes into play.

The mindset for success

When I decide that I want to take myself up another notch, and I want to work with my ideal clients on a different level. There’s going to be a moment of, ‘oh, I haven’t been in business long enough”, or “What on earth could I possibly have of value”. It’s the little voice who says “Who do you think you are?” It’s the fear of being judged. As soon as I feel the fear, I recognise it because I can feel a bit of adrenalin in my fingers. I make myself stop, and get a bit calm, and then ask myself the question:

“What would it take for that Next Level Client to say yes to me?”

When you ask this question, your mind has to stop judging yourself as not being experienced or big enough. And your mind starts to answer the question.

Fear makes you feel constrained, to feel constricted, and keeps you stuck Asking “What would it take for that Next Level Client to say yes to me?” allows you to feel expansive, to find solutions, and give you a way forward. Because, you know it and I know it, that next level client is saying “yes” to other suppliers and vendors right now. And those people are not made of anything more super-human than you are.

For me, “What would it take for that Next Level Client to say yes to me?” means that I would need to be seen as a credible source, I would need to be able to provide a solution to a specific and pressing problem and to be seen as offering awesome value.

Now, that gives me something to work with. I can come up with a phone call, a meeting and a proposal out of that. I’m a lot closer to a Yes than if I never make that first phone call.

What would it take for that Next Level Client to say “yes” to you?

Image credit : Celestine Chua

Abbie Widin

Abbie is the principal of One Extra Zero, and specialises in helping ambitious women coaches, consultants and trainers significantly grow their business and their own leadership. Abbie finds that these women are being pulled in multiple directions whilst putting a lot of pressure on themselves to succeed. She helps them clarify their client strategy, their team and their marketing so that they can focus on building the business. She loves seeing her clients rewarded with rapid growth. Abbie has a marketing and management background in building 9-figure businesses with 8-figure marketing budgets, and brings an energetic feistiness to coaching her clients. She is working on her book about Mindsets of Million Dollar Businesswomen.