What analytics data is useful for tracking your online marketing efforts?

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So you are feeling really happy that you have your business website up and running and you’re already receiving enquiries for your products and services. That’s all great news but what do you do next?

If you want to know where your website visitors are from, or how they even found your website then it is important to do more work to discover if all your effort is paying off. The good news is that you can have this valuable information arrive straight into your email inbox by using Google Analytics, which is a free website analytics tool provided by Google (www.google.com/analytics).One of the most important reports you should look for is your referral data, or, what channels are providing you with the most visitors to your website

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In my opinion, one of the most important reports you should look for is your referral data, or, what channels are providing you with the most visitors to your website.
There is a report in Google Analytics called “Acquisition Channels” which will tell you, within a given time period, how many of your visitors came from Organic Search, Paid Search (if you’re engaging in any), Direct Traffic, Social Media Traffic and Referral (e.g. visitors that have come from other websites to yours). Also included in this report are the key 9 metrics which form the Acquisition-Behaviour-Conversions (or ABC) cycle. This will tell you how successful each of your channels are in acquiring visitors & sales/goals.

Acquisition Section
1. Shows the number of visits per channel (e.g. the number of visits from Social, or Organic etc.)
2. Shows the % of new visits per channel
3. Shows the number of new visits per channel

Behaviour Section
1. Shows the Bounce Rate (% of single page visits to the website) by channel
2. Shows the average amount of pages visited per visit, by channel.
3. Shows the average visit duration by channel

Conversion Section
1. Shows the Goal Conversion Rate (Goal Tracking discussed in the next section)
2. Shows the number of Goal Completions
3. Shows the value of the Goal Completions

Goal Tracking

As you can imagine, the above ABC report is fantastic, but only when you have the time and expertise to configure your goals. Fortunately, Google has a dedicated page to help you set up your business goals here (http://goo.gl/ufMSKB).

Goals will depend on the type of business you operate. They can range from successful purchases of your product, to e-mail enquiries, social media interaction. Even if you only have your website up to take enquires from new clients, then you should still take the time to track and assign a value to this.

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Popular Content

All websites will contain different content. For example, you might have informational pages that introduce people to your business, explain what you do or how your business differentiates itself from its competitors. You may also have what we call ‘acquisition pages’ such as a ‘ contact me’ page.

The good news is that Google Analytics also has a great report named “Site Content -> All Pages” which will create information about the most popular pages on your website, how many unique page views each page has had, the amount of times that page was an “entrance” (the number of times this page was the first page people saw in your website) and much more! This report is really useful in determining what type of content is the most effective with your audience, which you can then use to tailor the content on your other pages to be more effective.

In conclusion, these three reports can really assist in determining whether you’re on the right path or not with your online marketing.

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Mike van der Heijden
mike van der heijdanMike works as SEO Director at Australia’s leading enterprise search agency Atomic Search. Mike has more than a decade of experience in consulting for large blue chip and ASX-listed companies on their online strategies in both search and social. Mike can also be reached on his LinkedIn profile should you have any further questions.