Future proof your career with 3 exercises from our ASPIRE Career Designer

Leaders in Heels Kasia Gospos

If you asked your ten-year-old self what your job would be right now, you may have guessed something COMPLETELY different to what it actually is! This isn’t uncommon. Did you know that most graduates today will retire with a job that doesn’t exist yet? This means that there’s a good chance the job you’ll be doing in ten years doesn’t exist yet either! As the world has evolved, so have careers, which is why we wanted to help people around the world maintain the spark and passion they have for their jobs. Here are our tips for what you can do to get on the front foot of future-proofing your career.


Write down what you like to do in your job, what you want to do more of and what success is to you.


Then consider what skills you need to enhance in order for this to happen, and how you can do so.


Finally, consider where your job market is heading and if that aligns with the points above.

Now that you’ve got the foundation questions covered, you’re ready to dive deeper into designing your career roadmap. Research shows that people who actively drive their careers achieve greater success and fulfilment. So, let’s reflect on what we can do today, next week, next month or for the remainder of the year, using this tool from our ASPIRE Career Designer.

Start doing

What aren’t you doing that can help you excel in your career? For example: attend three networking events a year or send follow up emails/LinkedIn request after meeting people.

Keep doing

What are you nailing that you want to keep doing? Applying for promotions, reading professional magazines or articles, mentorship program etc.

Stop doing

What’s holding you back and absorbing too much time without providing you something in return? Such as, stop avoiding public speaking, sending emails after 5pm, attending unnecessary meetings.

In 2018 we received the following message from Nat, one of our customers: “I found the products great for me personally, would love to see one geared for the professional world. I am new to management so my challenges are identifying my development areas and how to improve in these areas, planning & strategic thinking – short/medium/long term for my team and also for the division/organization and how to get the best out of my people. If there was a product that could somehow help me organize, record and deliver on these areas I would be over the moon.”

This, among many of the other requests we received, inspired our ASPIRE career journal. Designed in collaboration with career and leadership coaches Catherine Nolan and Özlem Beldan, we hope this career planner will be a helpful companion as you navigate your career from your first job through to management roles.

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