The importance of visualising your success

Tula Tzoras

Let’s face it, life is tricky enough for the modern woman so why should we take the extra time to create a vision or spend time visualising how we would like our business or career to end up?

Why visualise?

I am a huge fan of visualisation techniques and for me, creating a vision is a big picture blueprint for any strategic plan. It is about you taking the time to personally design your business, creating how you really want it to be, rather than just ‘allowing’ things to happen which may or may not affect your future success. The best aspect of your vision is that it sets it in motion.

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In my own career as an actor and film maker, I have found following my vision to be a huge advantage. It has made delivering projects like short films easy as I have watched every single one unfold. I have envisioned myself in front of huge live audiences as well as in front of the camera. Everything I have envisioned has come to pass. Little ‘coincidences’ like this have happened to me throughout my life, and all because of visualisation.

Studies also support the theory that visualisation works. Australian psychologist Alan Richardson conducted a well-known visualisation experiment. He took a group of basketball players, split them in 3 groups and tested each player’s ability to make free throws. The results showed that the group, who only visualised, turned out to be almost as good as the guys who practised for 20 mins per day! There are so many instances with visualisation being used in every arena such as sport, entertainment and even in corporate presentations. Visualisation is simple, but it requires you to practice often to get the best results out if it.

Why not follow my suggested steps and enjoy the process?

– Add a time of silence into your daily routine, morning and night. This means quietening the mind, not reading, listening, talking or watching television.

– Focus on breathing deeply and slowly. Breathing is a great stress release and the bonus is it sky rockets your creative thinking.

Now for the fun part! Start by imagining how you want your career or business to work out. Don’t hold back; really go for it without any fears of limitations. Try to run a little movie in your mind of the things you want to happen, the people you want to meet or the objectives you want to fulfil. How does it look? How does it sound and feel? What is happening? Spend a few minutes getting clear on how you want things to be. Put in as much detail as you can! It is also important to imagine yourself in the visualisation, being happy and grateful that everything is going so well!

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When you are about to fall asleep, ask for clear guidance to be given to you overnight. Now trust your intuition and follow any ‘gut feelings’ or intuitive nudges that you may receive as guidance towards your vision. I often recommend that people do this a few times a week – just to keep them on track and keep their vision alive. There is no need to worry if you think you are doing this incorrectly, just have fun!

Tula Tzoras

Tula has had a successful acting career appearing in several of Australia’s popular shows. She is also an experienced TV presenter, coach and author and has just released her second book titled The Truth About Acting. To find out more about Tula and her book, please see