Kate Burleigh: Career confidence and determination

Interview with Kate Burleigh, Managing Director, Intel Australia New Zealand

I recently interviewed Kate Burleigh, Managing Director of Intel Australia New Zealand. Kate is one of Leaders in Heels’ key panel members in the upcoming 50|50 Future Leaders event (September 2nd, Swissotel Sydney).

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Initially I was to write a quick profile piece about her career path, but what struck me was that regardless of the path she had travelled to get to where she was, underlying it all seemed to be some outstanding qualities.

Kate has a remarkable blend of confidence and determination.

Both of these qualities seem effortless, and both seem to have been pivotal in carving out her career path.

She is a confident communicator, which is something she admits she had to work on when she was starting out.

“Earlier on in my career, I think my voice wasn’t heard as strongly as it should have been. I learnt pretty quickly that I have to re-articulate my message in order for it to get through.”

Her determination is evident in her track record of taking on and mastering new challenges.

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It’s the nature of the fast-moving tech industry that has allowed Kate to work her way through various roles at Intel. The company often takes on new projects and moves in new directions. Kate has always stepped up to meet new challenges and learn unfamiliar parts of the business.

“I would say I identify pretty quickly where I need to work harder to improve my skills and what’s needed to get to the next level. There have been times in my career where I dedicated myself to that. I’d put myself on a steep learning curve and then at other times it would flattened out as I settled in and focused on excelling in that role.”

Her innate confidence and determination to grow has her perfectly positioned as a Managing Director with a deep understanding of many parts of the business. Kate is certainly suited to working in the tech-sector.

“I have a natural inquisitiveness around technology and invention. You have to in this industry.”

She is passionate about the future of technology. She encourages her children to not only use technology, but understand it deeply.

“We want our children to understand how technology works – to not just be consumers, but creators. That’s really prudent, otherwise they will be at the mercy of what’s being pushed down at them.”

She is amazed at how creative kids can be with technology and encourages all ages to be fearless when it comes to trying new things.

“The main thing to remember with most technology is that you can’t really break it. There’s always a reset button or start again. Just go and do it. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.”

Kate will be one of the panel members at the 50|50 Future Leaders event on September 2nd. Secure your tickets here.

What qualities do you believe you need to carve out your own career path? Share your comments below.


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