What would you really like to get out of your career?

Money is only one part of what a career can offer you. For me, it was always about finding a lifestyle that provided me the freedom to make my own schedule, travel and create positive change in the world; a lifestyle that didn’t look like anything I currently knew, something that had to be personally sculpted by putting actions behind my daydreams.

I grew up on a farm in rural Canada, near Birtle, Manitoba, a town with a population of 700. I come from an incredible community filled with warm-hearted people but building a worldwide business in conscious living wasn’t really the main booth at our career fair. I knew I had to create my own path. It was just a matter of trusting myself enough to bring it all to life.

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For the past seven years, I have paved my way in the world as a facilitator for Access Consciousness. I facilitate classes around the world and am lucky enough to travel every month.

Not everyone is cut out to be an entrepreneur. Sometimes wondering where the next paycheck will come from is almost traumatic. It has been a jagged, frustration-filled journey at times, but after seven years building this business, I have finally set up the systems, self-confidence and revenue streams to have a sustainable life.

Here are four steps to building a successful career or business that fits you.

Step 1: Follow Your Intuition

In business, you have to be able to make decisions quickly and stand behind those choices. Most of us second-guess ourselves out of quick decisions. It is much easier to find a reason why something won’t work out, rather than committing to it, even if you could fail.

You can combat indecision by using a simple exercise called “Light or Heavy.” It is a way of strengthening your intuition and listening to what you know deep down. If something makes you feel light, it will create a future of more lightness and ease. If something makes you feel heavy, it will create difficulty in the future.

This technique does have its drawbacks, because at first, we can be quite confused about what our intuition is telling us. The more you practice this technique, the stronger you will be in the choices you make, and the more you will pay attention to which choices will create something greater, and which will create difficulty. The good thing is, that each choice will create greater awareness, whether it is right or wrong.

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Step 2: Realize that what you think and say creates your life and future

The words we think and speak are the mantras that create our life. So much of what we say actually creates the path ahead of us. Negative self-talk really does destroy our career and/or business.

The definitions of the words we say have changed over time. This means that we often don’t know the true meaning behind what we say. For example, the word ‘want’ has many definitions, most of which mean ‘to lack’. So, every time you say, “I want money,” you are actually saying, “I lack money.” If you pay attention to the language of people who have large amounts of money, they rarely use the word ‘want.’ They actually just go ahead and do something, or don’t. Wanting is not in their vocabulary and therefore lack does not reflect into their lives.

Pay attention to what you say and think and do your best to eliminate the words that are undermining your success.

Step 3: Realize that your negative thoughts don’t belong to you

We pick up on the vibrations of the thoughts of those around us. When you walk into a room, you can immediately sense the overall energy. I used to have days where I was very depressed. When I would leave my apartment building, I would immediately feel better. I was living in a bad area of town and the overall morale and energy was not good. If you acknowledge that so much of the negativity you are thinking is actually negativity in the people around you, you can actually choose beyond it.

Step 4: Don’t make choices in your career based on what others would choose for you.

If I would have followed the advice of those around me, I would be working on a PhD I didn’t care about, totally burnt out and unfulfilled. People give you advice based on their personal points of view, and their own life experiences and expectations of you. They always come with good intentions, but no one else is you. You have personal dreams that are not part of other people’s awareness, and often the people around you do not have the same awareness. It is important to stay true to your path, no matter what others may be thinking or whether or not they are judging you.


When you are building a business or career, you have to look at the practical and financial choices you are making. And looking at the energetics of your life, is actually a great place to start when jumping off the cliff into a new job, or into entrepreneurship. With these four steps you will be on the road to a bigger, brighter future.

Julia Sotas has always been interested in self-improvement, attending her first course at the tender age of 13. She has a degree in Sociology from the University of Winnipeg and now lives in South Carolina with her husband and three step kids. She’s seen personally how to change money mindsets and go on to earn more than you could ever imagine. She teaches Right Riches for You classes so others can do the same. Right Riches for You is a specialty program of Access Consciousness.

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  • Viv Adcock

    AWESOMELY inspiring article Julia-I have tended to always choose the lifestyle and forget to ask for the money- this article has opened up a new level of awareness for me- and the TOOLS! Great to add these to my toolkit- thank YOU!

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