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One of the things I love about Facebook is the abundance of inspiring quotes to read. One which resonated with me recently was “Nothing changes unless you change. Everything changes once you change”.

It reminded me that I am in absolute control of my life and my response to what happens. If I don’t like where I’m at, I need to make some changes. In fact, it’s the basis of a lot of the coaching I do.

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Today, however, it’s about tips for creating a more fulfilling life. These tips are focused firmly and squarely on “giving to others”.

Tip 1: Volunteering

A great way to spend free time, if you have it or can make room to do it. Some companies even give their employees time off work to go out and volunteer, which is a fantastic initiative considering most places are short-staffed due to financial restrictions. For me, it’s with the PCYC in my local community. I do this over and above my role as their Chairperson, which had the staff there a little perplexed at first. I spend a few hours a week as a ‘volunteer’, which I have clearly explained to them means I do whatever it is they need me to do. Not my ‘day job’ skills (although these come in handy sometimes) and not what I do as their Chairperson, but what they need done.

Tip 2: Cash

If you don’t have time to volunteer but do have spare cash, choose your favourite charity and make a regular donation. Sometimes charities need cash more than they need man-hours. The Giving Pledge, the campaign to encourage the wealthiest people in the world to make a commitment to give most of their wealth to philanthropic causes is a brilliant concept started by Warren Buffet and Bill Gates. But if you’re not in that league, as most of us aren’t, it could be as simple as ‘paying it forward’. Next time you’re in your local cafe, try paying for the next person’s cup of coffee. Random acts of kindness usually have ripple effects.

Tip 3: Stay in touch

Picking up the telephone to say hello, could make a world of difference to someone and only needs to take 5 minutes of your time. Whether it be family, friends, an elderly person you know or someone in need, a quick, friendly phone call could change the fabric of their whole day.

Try one or more of these tips throughout the year and your life will be more fulfilling and as a bonus, your confidence levels will increase.

How do I know this? Because I do them all. I go to bed every night and am grateful to be in a position to help others outside my normal ‘day’ job. It is rewarding, fulfilling and just plain worth doing.

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Glenise Anderson

Glenise is the Chief Confidence Chick at Self Confident Women, a personal development company helping women around the world create a better life. She is also the Director of SR Group Pty Ltd, a training and development consultancy assisting corporate companies.