4 real habits of successful women

We’ve all read them. Articles detailing superhuman routines of businesswomen, who awake at 4am, complete a Yoga session before work, successfully avoid snacks all day, ditch TV for a self-help book and are in bed by 9.30pm every night – after doing an additional three hours of work.

Undeniably, these women are an inspiration and, of course, these articles motivate us to improve our health and lifestyles – but is anyone else desperate to read about successful women having a lie-in and enjoying the odd bar of chocolate?

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We want to know about the normal things they do too and, finally, we’ve found a piece detailing the real routines of successful women, proving striking a balance between work, health and the odd pleasure is acceptable.

From snoozing to snacking, which of these habits do you enjoy too?

1. Snoozing

The study revealed almost 70% of successful women regularly hit the snooze button – often more than once – before climbing out of bed. So ladies, it’s OK not to be a morning person!

Optimum snooze time averaged at 15 minutes, with one participant snoozing for an amazing 45 minutes.

Over half had their initial alarm set for a respectable time of 7am, or later, proving an early rise isn’t necessarily the key to success. Pre-picking an outfit the night before was also less common than you’d think.

2. Snacking

From Frappés to chocolate, cake and ice cream, sweet treats were among the favourites when it came to indulgent, work-time snacking; with close to 70% of those featured admitting to tucking into treats between meals.

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Although fruit, nuts and other healthy nibbles were rife amongst choices, it’s reassuring to know even the most hardworking of us cave into temptation when Skittles or Jaffa Cakes are knocking around the office.

Despite reports that less of us are stopping to take a lunchbreak, it’s refreshing to hear 56% of those featured regularly took lunch away from their desks, showing regular breaks are as important to succeeding as putting in the extra hours.

Kirsty Leighton, MD of Hudson Sandler says: “[I] always [take a break]. Not necessarily at lunchtime, but I do give myself time away from the desk and the office just to think. Changing environment is great for coming up with new ideas.”

Almost 70% of successful women regularly hit the snooze button … before climbing out of bed. So ladies, it’s OK not to be a morning person!

3. Takeaways

Of those surveyed, almost 80% admitted to ordering takeaway at least once a month; with two thirds treating themselves no less than once a fortnight and 42% reaching for the menu once a week or more.

Far from the healthier, eat-out options of sushi and Thai, popular picks here included fish and chips, Chinese and kebabs.

Obviously, we don’t advocate a fat-filled diet, but balance is necessary and these women – most of whom chose salad and stir fries for lunch – prove it’s acceptable to appreciate a treat more regularly than the superhuman stereotype.

4. Television

Three quarters of those surveyed enjoyed watching at least an hour of TV a day, with over a third watching over two hours.

Although news was a popular choice for morning viewing, ‘trash’ TV featured heavily within evening entertainment; TOWIE and Made in Chelsea both appearing. Soaps, including Hollyoaks and Eastenders, also featured and a firm hobby among many was binge watching Netflix series, like Orange is the New Black.

Reading was a popular pastime too, with 80% doing so regularly. Although inspirational and biographical books featured amongst preferred reads, 16% did admit to indulging in the odd piece of chick lit.

In short … balance is the real route to success

Although all the determined and innovative women surveyed possessed the leadership traits of a successful woman, none fully conformed to the stereotypical regimes we’re so used to reading about.

Kate Simpson, Travel Lead for Facebook Global Marketing Solutions, is a huge believer in making time for yourself, saying: “As much as possible, I like to leave my work at the office…I think it’s really important to enjoy your time off and that shouldn’t just be confined to holidays (which are also so important).”

So, next time you pop a cube of Cadbury’s into your mouth and skip the gym, don’t feel guilty about it – there’s always tomorrow!


Featured image via Pixabay under Creative Commons CC0


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