5 ways to keep a balanced lifestyle while running a business

Work-life balance. Everyone wants it, but a lot of people struggle to achieve it especially when they’re trying to run a successful business. Women these days are juggling so many different demands, and as a result they burn out due to stress. When you have so much passion and love for your business, it’s difficult to step back and take some time for yourself.

Here are five ways you can maintain a balanced lifestyle while running a business:

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1. Prioritise ‘me time’

When running a business, downtime is just as important as working hard. Find time in your day, whether it’s at night or first thing in the morning, to do something that you love. I find that switching off, whether it’s spending time with my family, friends or having a pre-breakfast workout is the best way to reinvigorate. That way I avoid distraction when it’s time to get back on a roll. If you don’t put time aside for yourself and prioritise it, you’ll burn out.

2. Create a team you trust and don’t be scared to outsource

Your brand is only as good as the talent driving it. The more passionate and hardworking your team, the more potential for success. Outsourcing is a great way that I keep my team’s efforts focused on Yummia’s priority goals. However, be mindful and do not lose control of the brand. Outsource people who are prepared to work hard, understand your needs and communicate throughout the whole process. Speak up if they are not meeting your expectations.

When running a business, downtime is just as important as working hard

3. Refuel as you go

When you own your own business you have to be prepared for the emergency all-nighter! You never know when you are going to have to drop everything and re-prioritise so you can attend to any unseen disasters that present themselves. The trick is to try and take little breaks during your day to minimise the blow to your energy levels, if (and when) they happen.

4. Stay organised and figure out what works for you

Be on top of your schedule and take initiative in organising yourself. When you are running your own business it is important that you are preparing for your meetings, attending them and across what is being done day-to-day. As the owner of Yummia, I do not have a personal assistant so I embrace technology where it is available. Make lists, record your schedule in a diary and sync your email, computer and IPhone calendars.

5. Have a strong support network

Family and friends are key! Without a strong support network it is easy to lose sight of your goals because, let’s face it, running a business can be stressful. I am happiest in nice weather and with my family for good old fashioned belly laughs. Savouring those moments takes the pressure off and I get all the more joy out of running the business because of it!


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Mia-McCarthy-Leaders-in-Heels-featured-imageMia McCarthy

Mia McCarthy is an entrepreneur and founder of Yummia, leading Australian breakfast company. Not only does Mia run a national company, she is also completing a postgraduate diploma in Strategy and Innovation at the prestigious Oxford University. For more on Yummia, visit www.yummia.com.au.