Danielle Laporte on being willing to start over

Canadian Danielle Laporte is a force of nature. She is an author, speaker, entrepreneur and walking permission slip, and through her event held in Sydney recently, I learned about being willing to start over. It’s about growth, change and ultimately creating a new life for yourself.

I started following Danielle and her then titled blog, White Hot Truth, when I began my business and personal journey (yes, so often those two areas are intertwined) and needed some soulful pep talk. Through the local women’s empowerment grapevine I found out she was coming to Sydney.

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The Wake Up Project (If you’ve not yet heard about this organisation or received one of their Kindness Cards – go do it now!) was bringing her to town. With much excitement I walked into a sold-out room filled with like-minded men and women buzzing with anticipation.

The event’s topic was ‘Be Willing To Start Again’. Head nodding and resonance ensued – this woman was speaking words I truly believed in. Danielle shared three ways to be willing to start over, and now I share them with you, too:

1. Embrace the metamorphosis.

Where the caterpillar transforms in the cocoon, everything dissolves. It is liquid disillusionment. You will enter a fluidly ambiguous landscape. Leaning into the uncertainty is where the answers are. There are ebbs and flows; winters of discontent. There is where the magic of transformation happens.

Surround yourself with people that can dream big and see the possibilities with you

2. Have blind enthusiasm

You need to have this to rev things up and lift things off. Surround yourself with people that can dream big and see the possibilities with you. Like the rose coloured glasses of new love, at the beginning, blindly see the good, see what can be done and let the risk assessors come later.

3. Don’t worry about them

Don’t care about what anyone says. You are on your journey and they are on theirs. The more you know who you are and speak up for yourself, the stronger you become.

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During the Q&A, I asked Danielle what the best decision she made was that lead her to where she is now. Here’s her two-fold answer:

  • Having her 10 year old son. She felt she needed to up her game. How could she teach him to be creative if she wasn’t doing it herself?
  • Say NO to 90% of things. A ‘no thank you’ is powerful.

If you’re in need for some soulful pep talk read Danielle’s Decide to Rise manifesto

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Arienne Gorlach is a Life Design & Inspiration Coach and founder of life-enhancing diaries Life is Crafted. She describes herself as a Luxe Life Adventuress, eternal optimist and learner. A life enthusiast and alchemist. Furmama. Book junkie. Yoga doer. Inner sparkle lover. Arienne is turned on by tuning in and creatively expressing out. She adores inspirational people and those who are willing to show up and explore who they really are so they can define success on their own terms and create lives they love. After all, life is meant to be a sparkling adventure!