Top lifestyle tips for the festive season

Somewhere between checking my iPhone messages, four email accounts and making all my business calls, I found myself searching through my cupboards for those few objects that I knew would get me connected to the forthcoming Christmas season.

And there they were, my Christmas decorations. Shiny silver baubles and sparkling lights completely ‘do it’ for me. How can you not begin to feel the spirit of Christmas when you begin the process of hanging your decorations? I love Christmas. I love everything about it. Though I must admit even as a success and life coach, with my busyness of work, loyalty to my clients and my extensive life to-do list, it’s not always easy to balance my time to allow for a smooth transition into the Christmas spirit. It’s also difficult to completely switch off when there’s so much to get done.

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I know it can be like this for most of us, so I’ve put together a few lifestyle tips to ease you into the festive season:

  • You are probably the superwoman in your work environment right? Well, here’s the thing … you can’t do it all. With all the extra layers of responsibilities and additional things to do for Christmas, you might need to consider giving yourself a break. Going the extra mile will no doubt add your special touch, but it’s of no benefit if you are too exhausted to enjoy it. Know how to recognise when what you have contributed is actually enough.
  • There is just so much going on over the festive season – work functions, Christmas parties, end-of-year events, family celebrations, holidays, travel, shopping, gift-wrapping, food-preparation … the list goes on. It can be a very social and often intense time, so there’s bound to be some frustrations, tiredness and perhaps even fall-outs with others. There is no substitute for taking a deep breath and mentally letting go of the frustrations. You’ll clear your mind of what’s bothering you in the moment, enabling you to get on with what you have to do next.
  • What is it that’s really important to you? Is it religion, tradition, family, giving, celebrating, holidaying, helping others? Make sure that you prioritise and do those things first which are close to your heart. You might have to respect the way other people do things at Christmas time, though you can also fulfill your own wants. Find a way to honour those things that you value most.
  • Is it okay if it’s not perfect? Of course it is. Festive occasions don’t have to perfect for them to be fun! For all your planning, there will likely be things that do go wrong. Embrace a little chaos. It’s the stuff of future memories.
  • What if you were to entertain the idea of kicking off those heels, slipping out of leadership mode and made the decision to go with the flow? What if you were to use this festive time to reflect on all your achievements of the past year and give yourself a pat on the back in acknowledgement? What if you were to take some precious time out and notice all those things in your life that you can be truly grateful for? That’s the spirit.

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