How to make money in your sleep

make money in your sleep

So you want to make money in your sleep? Great! But you have to know that you absolutely need to do one thing in order to do it successfully…And that is actually sleep!

As an ambitious and successful entrepreneur you have to work and be creative. And that’s practically non-stop. And if you are passionate about what you are doing you are extremely happy to do so. Actually it is difficult to stop sometimes.

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But what often happens is that you neglect one of your most important resources when it comes to being productive, which is your brain. How come?

Putting it into rough terms, your grey matter is actually damaging itself when working and making all of those precious connections during the day. At night, while you are sleeping, your brain is healing and regenerating. Easy.

But it isn’t just your brain. Your whole body, muscles and cells need sleep in order to regenerate or stay as strong as possible.

Most of you are in your business because you have a vision of a legacy you want to leave this world.

So let me be frank with you. If you really want to achieve something, your most important resource is time. Yet I am not talking about late night hours which you use to do the last finishing touches (probably to re-do them in the morning because you were too tired to do them properly).

I am talking about your lifespan.

We will all grow old, which means that our body will age and time and our use of our body will create damage to it. Eventually the damage will be too big and we will die. No surprise there.

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So if you want to live longer, be more productive and make a difference, then you need to start looking after yourself right now. And sleep is crucial to keep your body in shape.

So how can you do that?

Here are a few ideas that I want to give you to help figure out why you might not be sleeping well and what you can do about it.

Sleep is highly complex and connected to many different areas in your life:

#1 I want you to try to remember whether there has ever been a time when you slept well. And then ask yourself when this changed. Most likely something happened in your life that’s creating stress and also a negative connotation with sleep. If you manage to find that out, find a way to work through that, then you have already fulfilled a huge step.

#2 Look at your eating habits. What kind of foods are you eating and at what time? Any processed foods that you are eating too late during the day, or even at night, can be the culprit of interrupted sleep.

#3 Watch your hydration. Make sure you are hydrated enough during the day as dehydration could wake you up because your body signals that it needs more fluids.

#4 If you are exercising, try to do so at different times of the day and find out if this makes a difference to your sleep. Studies have shown that your body is most efficient at building muscle mass in the morning. If you are exhausted from a day’s work, then schlepping yourself into a gym, and you might be sleeping but your body will be so overtired that your sleep won’t be as restful and regenerating.

#5 If you are a worrier, allocate 5 minutes during the day where you go somewhere to do just that: worry. That way you won’t have that huge wave of thoughts crashing down on you once your head hits the pillow at night.

#6 When you wake up at night and have trouble going to sleep again then just get up and do something else. It won’t do you any good lying around worrying about all wasted time. Doing something incredibly boring away from your bedroom, and then going back in is more efficient.

#7 If you are working in an office with artificial light, try to spend some time outside so that your eyes can hit sunlight or daylight on a cloudy day helping your biological clock to help you feel sleepy and sleep better at night.

Finally remember that you are fuelling your most powerful tool (your brain) which will help you to be creative, more productive and more successful!


After leaving a career in education in 2015, Christine Hansen now works as an International Certified Paediatric and Adult Sleep Coach. Her approach involves no pharmaceuticals, and addresses the whole picture not just one piece of the puzzle. To learn how food can help you sleep better visit her website