How to spend Valentine’s Day solo and still feel fabulous

Valentine's Day

The charm of Valentine’s Day wore off by the time I hit my late teens. So for the past thirteen years I’ve avoided it like the plague – even while I was single. My husband and I also don’t subscribe to the hype surrounding this one day out of 365! We prefer to show each other in small ways how much we care throughout the year.

Don’t get me wrong, I might be one of those anomalies who doesn’t like the cheesiness that goes with this day. I know for a fact many men and women do actually look forward to this day to make their partner feel special (nothing wrong with that). I’m happy for them but if you happen to spend Valentine’s Day solo this year, don’t fret. With the tips below, you’ll get through this day still feeling fabulous.

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1. Get into the spirit of the day – why not wear red to work? Not only is red the colour of love, it’s also the colour of power. Wearing red will make you feel powerful and confident all day!

2. Gather your single girlfriends for a fun night out – Spend Valentine’s Day with your favourite group of girlfriends who are also single. There’s nothing like getting together for a great night out with the girlies.

3. Pamper yourself – Have you been putting off that facial and/or manicure? Head over to a salon at lunchtime and paint your nails red.

4. Do something special for someone you love – Valentine’s Day is about celebrating the love you have for someone and not necessarily a partner. Why not get together with mum and siblings and treat them to a special night out?

5. Stay in and watch movies – Friday night is perfect for watching movies, ordering pizza and relaxing. Invite around a friend or two for that movie you’ve been putting off. Tip: stay away from movies like The Notebook – guaranteed even to turn me into a crying mush!

Remember Valentine’s Day is just one day…take control and enjoy it!

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5 things you may not know about Valentine’s Day:

1. The day did not have any romantic connection with love until a poet wrote about it in the 14th Century.

2. The diamond industry began to promote Valentine’s Day as an occasion for giving jewelry in the 1980s.

3. In Japan, the romantic “date night” associated to Valentine’s Day is celebrated on Christmas Eve.

4. Aussies are expected to spend $42.3 million on romantic dinners, reflecting a 24 per cent jump from 2013.

5.Valentine’s Day is banned in many Muslim countries with any signs of celebrations attracting imprisonment in some countries.