A Life of Significance is about Serving! – Find your life purpose

“Your gifts are not about you, leadership is not about you, and your purpose is not about you. A life of significance is about SERVING those who need your gifts, your leadership, your purpose” – Kevin Hall

Life is not about what we can get, it is about what we can give. In order for you to have a fulfilling life you need to give and serve others. Your talents, skills and mere existence are a glorious contribution to humanity, if you choose to share them!

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You never know how many lives you will positively impact and change forever by simply being YOU! Embrace the extraordinary template of your own being just as you are. Accept your inner greatness and let go of all resistance, anxiety, frustration and impatience. You need to have infinite patience with yourself and where you are at this current moment in order for your authentic self to burst through.

Life purpose

Stop & think for a moment, if you were to stay exactly where you are right now forever:

  1. What three (3) qualities would you say make YOU stand out from the rest?
  2. How can these qualities be used to serve others that lack them?
  3. How much greater would this world be because you get to lead others by contributing YOUR qualities?

Let these questions lead you to a new starting point for a new state of being, one where you get to share your SELF with the world.

TODAY chose to take action and become a servant for humanity. Be a peoples champion and give without expecting to receive. Be kind to others and contribute as much as you can.

Always remember, doing this today will change the direction of your life, so don’t resist the change, EMBRACE it! Strive to be better every day! – click to tweet

Share your three qualities and how you can use them to serve others in the comments below…

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Jessika Ortega

Jessika is a Certified Ontological Life coach @MsJessikaOrtega

Top image: Joel Bedford