Can Migrating To A Foreign Country Enhance Your Success In Life?


What is success? How is it created? What if the success that’s possible for you and your life is different than what anyone else can have or choose? Can migrating to a foreign country enhance your success in life?

When I relocated to Australia from China at 17 years old, all my ideas about life began to change dramatically. The choice has been an immeasurable gift, including enriching my sense of what I can successfully create as my life.

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How can you enhance your success in life, whether or not you choose to migrate to a foreign country? There are a few great tips I discovered along the way:

Change your point of view about migrating to a foreign country

Moving from China to Australia offered tremendous possibilities to perceive and receive the world differently. The culture, the language, the food – every element of life was different. It changed my points of view on how life has to be.

Relocating abroad isn’t necessary to change your perspective. And, how anything can enhance your life is not necessarily how it does. Your point of view is the key factor. What if you allowed everything and everyone to contribute to you, no matter where you are and what you’re creating? You can create success anywhere if you’re willing to become aware of the possibilities that are available.

What points of view do you have about you, your life, and your success that limit what you can create and choose? Are the limitations in your life really limitations or are they possibilities you’re not acknowledging? If you didn’t think you had problems, would you?

Changing your points of view gives you access to so much greater.

Choose for you

This is your life, what do you truly desire? Are you choosing it?

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Choosing for you isn’t about choosing against anyone else. It’s an honouring of what you know is possible and fun for you and your life. Limiting yourself to anyone else’s expectations or beliefs limits the success you can have as well.

Migrating to another country can amplify the sense of choosing for you. It’s one effective way of going beyond your comfort zone where there aren’t family or friends who are influencing your choices. There’s a sense of space to explore and discover what you would like without interference.

How different would your life be if you truly chose for you? It doesn’t require migrating anywhere, it’s really just a choice. What are you aware of that you’d like to add to your life? Which things is it time to eliminate? Start choosing for you rather than based on anyone else’s points of view and see how different your life can begin to be.

Challenge your definitions

Being immersed in a different culture gives a different perspective on how people function, what they call a family, and what their values are in life. It frees you from the definition of success of both cultures so that you’re no longer unconsciously creating life according to how you’ve been taught or imprinted.

Everywhere you’re living according to the definitions of who you’ve decided you are, whether from your family, your culture, your country, or anywhere else, are the places you’re cutting off the infinite possibilities of your life in favour of only creating what matches the definitions you have. Letting go of definitions will give you exponentially more freedom.

Be different

In Australia, they say I’m Chinese. When I go back to China, they say I sound Australian. Wherever I travel in the world, people notice I’m different, that they can’t clearly identify who I am. I allow that to work for me.

How much of your life do you try to be normal or fit in? Migrating abroad helps to eliminate that way of functioning. Rather than looking for a specific identity, start looking at, “How different am I and what gift is that?” It’s the difference you are that will allow you to have the success you can have that’s unlike anyone else.

What does success look like for you? What can you choose today to begin enhancing the success in your life right away?


About Dr Haun Xu

Dr-Haun-XuDr Huan Xu has acquired many titles in her career – scientist, dentist, entrepreneur, mother, wife, coach and someone who knows first hand about migrating to a foreign country. Curious about both human bodies and minds and studying everything from biomedical science to meditation, yoga and intuitive healing, Dr Xu now travels the globe sharing the tools Access Consciousness as a Right Voice facilitator, empowering people to discover their unique capacities and have the life they truly desire. Find out more about Huan at