Productive things to do from home

Having some extended time at home? Staying focused, with activities that matter, will keep your mind active and stretch yourself mentally. However, it can be hard to keep yourself busy when you’re in your home environment. So, here are a few productive things to do from home:

Start a podcast

One of the biggest misconceptions about starting a podcast is that you have to have amazing equipment or be a sound engineer. If you’ve got a passion, really enjoy discussions with others, or have something you think needs to be heard, then now is your time to shine!

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Start by forming the concept for the show. What will make it different from other podcasts? Who is the podcast for? What will your first 3-4 episodes be about?

Our amazing regular contributor, Heather Parady, is an expert podcaster and has everything you need to know about starting a podcast.

Update and improve your website

So often your website gets bigger than expected, pages become outdated or designs get stale. If looking at your online presence makes you cringe then it’s time to add ‘update website’ to your things-to-do-from-home list!

Start by visiting every page of your website (YES all of them) and creating a yes/no/maybe list. Delete the pages you no longer need, make notes of what needs to be updated on the others and don’t forget to check that all your links work!

Then, roughly draw a website layout you’d like, curate a Pinterest board of ideas and create a struct/flow to your website with these web development tips.

If your site is already looking pretty snazzy, but lacking traffic, now is your chance to tighten up your SEO strategy. Reducing your site speed can make a HUGE difference to your page ranking. If search engines see that your website is slow, they know that people will get frustrated and click away from it, and thus won’t even bother sending traffic your way!

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Instead, search engines look for sites that are fast, easy to navigate, clearly labelled and have relevant content. Learn how to create SEO friendly blog posts here and boost your page rankings.

Write that book or blog you’ve always been meaning to

Stuck inside with just your laptop and your thoughts? Writing that book or blog you’ve always had in the back of your mind is one of the best things to do from home. Everyone has a story to tell or share, so why not start now? Our guides on writing stories and overcoming writer’s block make it super easy to get started.

What’s your list of things to do at home? Leave us a comment below!

Photo by Mikayla Mallek on Unsplash