The best planners for 2020

best planners for 2020

Looking for the latest and greatest, best planners for 2020? Well… drumroll… the best planner for 2020 is… YOU! Yes, you heard right! You’re the one with the big ideas, the dreams and the know-how to kick your goals. However, sometimes, it can be tricky to formulate your ideas in a concise, functional and productive manner. So, here are our tips for how to plan your best year yet.

Set up your foundation for success.

All good results come from strong plans. Sometimes you may have come up with a fantastic end goal or idea, but the logistics of how to execute it are challenging. Other times you may have very broad thoughts such as ‘I want to work for myself, but doing what?’, ‘I want to run an online store, but selling what?’, ‘I want to live a more full life’ or ‘I want to progress my career, but how?’. All of these can be achieved by creating a strategy and monitoring your highs, lows and learnings.

You can do this by collating your thoughts in one spot. Review your goals, plan your projects and summarise your intentions for the next 12 months. Luckily, we’ve created the best planners for 2020 in two undated 12-month collections. Our Phenomenal Woman planner celebrates women with motivational quotes from successful female leaders, beautiful illustrations and more.

LiH best planners for 2020

We also have a superb Make It Happen planner collection which has exercises to visualise your dreams, define your values, plan your legacy and set a big vision for your life.

Have accountability partners and, collectively, become the best planners of 2020!

Being a leader doesn’t have to be lonely! Think about the women in your inner circle that inspire you. Colleagues, friends or family that also have big ambitions and may want to meet up semi-regularly to discuss how they’re going. Like joining a team sport, you can start your own squad of goal-crushers!

Have a think about what makes you thrive and be realistic about what kind of planner you are. Are you a daily planner? Someone who needs to make sure each day is planned out to maximise productivity?

Daily planners help you plan your priorities with a daily two-page spread. They are half of the thickness of our 12-month dated planner and are designed specifically for planning your daily to-do lists, phone calls, follow-ups and notes.

Daily planners for 2020

Our Leaders in Heels community are our biggest motivation and inspiration. Their reviews of our products help us design amazing new stationery lines. We also always love to hear about what goals you ladies have been kicking, so head over to our Instagram and tag us in your victories and learnings!