A review of the Bing Food and Drink App

Bing food and drink app

This is a series of posts that will be appearing on Leaders in Heels throughout 2014 as part of our site’s involvement in the Microsoft Connections Program. All hardware and services reviewed were provided courtesy of Microsoft.

As busy people who want to stay healthy, we need all the technological help we can get. The Microsoft Surface Pro 2 is basically a Windows 8.1 computer in tablet form. It comes with pre-installed apps. These native apps are software designed to run on tablets, smartphones or other mobile devices.

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What is the Bing Food and Drink App?

This native app offers recipes, cooking guides and tips. It offers instant access – no more search engines! They are designed to be used in the kitchen. You can set the device to “hands free” mode, allowing you to follow a recipe by waving your hand to get to the next step. If you are an X-box aficionado, you’ll be used to it.

You can browse recipes by cuisine, level of difficulty, preferred cooking method or by specific ingredients. Tap on the recipe, and there are step-by-step instructions on preparing the meal. Renowned chefs such as Wolfgang Puck provide useful culinary tips.

How do you use the App?

When you find a recipe you want to try, tap the recipe title. It can be saved to your custom collection. You can also add your own recipes via the ‘add recipe’ tool. The app also allows you to assemble a shopping list directly from the recipes page. The app aggregates the recipes you have collected into a single shopping list, which can be printed or accessed, on the food and drink app on a Windows phone.

How about drinks?

To select the perfect wine or drink to accompany your meal -the app contains a wine encyclopaedia and cocktail recipes. The wine encyclopaedia ratings and tasting notes for over half a million bottles of wine from around the world. Your problem will be hoping that your local bottle shop stocks it.


Foodies are catered for too. The food culture section features rolling food and drink related articles. The pictures are bold and tempting.

The app is very user friendly and provides many temptations to bring out your inner chef. Of course, if you over-indulge, there’s the Health & Fitness app – an exercise and diet tracker and includes a symptom checker for those things that might ail you. But that’s another article.

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Bon appetit!

Source: Microsoft.com

Kasia Gospos

Kasia is the founder of Leaders in Heels. This article was written as part of the involvement of Leaders in Heels in the Microsoft Connection Program.