Review: White Hot Truth by Danielle La Porte

I recently had the opportunity to read Danielle La Porte’s latest book, White Hot Truth. It’s a wonderful book about being yourself and doing things your way. Here are the 3 main points I took away from this book, which I hope will help you as well.

Only You Know

Many of us are so externaly focussed that we forget to check-in and and ask ourselves what is true for us. We can’t live a true life if we allow our lives to be authored by others. We are the authors of our lives. Self authorship starts when we look within, and tell ourselves the truth. Regularly. This book will lead you to have some honest conversations with yourself.

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Discernment gives you power

Knowing your truth is sublime, but it’s of no use to you (or the world) if you don’t use it, and you can’t use it effectively if you don’t know the difference between discernment vs judgement. Danielle outlines the distinction with clarity and class. If you have problems saying ‘no’ or taking a stand on things that matter to you, this book will give you the strength to do it.

Permission Slip

Danielle generously shares her own stories and life experiences to illustrate and support the premise that only you can know what us true for you. A powerful thing happens when you read her stories – it connects you to your own stories and it empowers you to feel free to be true to yourself. It’s like a permission slip you’ve been waiting for. Danielle’s white hot ‘truth’ will lead you to yours.

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A final word about stories – there’s no surprise that stories are incredibly powerful. They are reminders of who we are and what we are capable of! Stay tuned to learn more about how you can write your own story with Leaders in Heels.

This review was written by Ozlem Beldam, with a copy kindly provided to us by the publishers.