STAND OUT & STAND UP for your dreams!

Life is a game that YOU get to design however you want it. You need to always follow your gut because no one knows you better than YOU! Do what you love, find passion in what you do and you will always be fulfilled. There is no one that can measure your happiness better than yourself, so why leave your happiness in the hands of anyone else? Be honest with yourself and what you truly want in life. You can fool the world, you cannot fool your heart.

Many of us live our life by the standards of others. We worry about what others may think of us. What others may want for us, what others say is best for us so we don’t usually go with what WE want for us. Do you really believe you can mold yourself to the likings of billions of people on this earth?

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Be the one to have the courage to STAND OUT & STAND UP for your dreams and your vision of what your life is supposed to look like. Now is the time to take inventory of your life and where you are, honestly. You have the key to unlock the door of clarity and purpose, you just need to choose to put that key in the door and turn it.

Here are 3 questions you can start to ask yourself:

  1. Is what I am currently doing making me happy or making someone else happy?
  2. Is what I am doing today getting me closer to having the things I want out of life?
  3. Am I following my passion or just passsionate about surviving?

Your experiences have shaped you. Your mistakes, your successes, your results have molded you into what you are today. Just like one day can never be duplicated, the same goes for you as a person.Your mistakes, your successes, your results have molded you into what you are today

The lesson here is for you to acknowledge & appreciate who YOU are. People don’t belong to you and YOU don’t belong to people. You have the gift of free choice, so choose to be happy and do things that give you fulfillment. Don’t let fear of what others may think paralyse you. Face fear head on and you’ll see that the story you told yourself in your head is much worse that what it is in real life.

TODAY, chose to take action to becoming an authentic YOU. Be childlike, experiment, explore, be playful and just BE FREE & to change what isn’t functioning for you so you finally do have momentum in achieving what you really want.

And remember, doing this today will change the direction of your life, so don’t resist the change, EMBRACE it! Strive to be better everyday.

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