10 Steps to Detox Your Wardrobe

A clean and tidy wardrobe will make you feel fabulous and save you time so if there is one area in your home that you should keep tidy its your wardrobe!

10 steps to organise your wardrobe

If you follow these 10 Steps to Detox Your Wardrobe you will have a wardrobe that looks, feels and smells so good you will want to jump out of bed each morning to create your outfit of the day, and that is most definitely worth it

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Step 1: Clean

To start the detox you must remove everything from your wardrobe, get your cleaning products out and clean the base of the wardrobe, walls, shelves and drawers. Use your muscles people!

Step 2: Hangers

Please, please, please remove all those wire hangers… they are so so bad! Replace them with wood, plastic or a slimline metal hanger that will protect your clothes. Matching hangers will make your wardrobe look so much neat and tidier.


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Step 3: Seasonal

Only have clothes in your wardrobe for the current season. That means you should only see what you can wear… so no winter coats in summer. This will mean you will have more space for your current season clothes. Vacuum storage space bags are great for keeping your clothes away from dust and mildew.

Step 4: Sort

Coordinate and organise your clothes, first by garment and then by colour. Darker colours to one side and lighter colours to the other… it just makes it so much easier to find items to mix and match.

Step 5: Store

Depending on your own personal style, create boxes that can store your loose items including hats and gloves etc. Boxes look beautiful in wardrobes!

Step 6: Display

Hang scarves and belts so you can see them, ideally hang them on belt racks. If you can’t see them you will never wear them!shoes-107401_150-1

Step 7: Shoes

Shoes should be shown off, you need to be able to see them so you can quickly work out which will go with your outfit. There are some great shoe racks out there but if you want to try something different you could make your own by purchasing some curtain rods and drilling them to a wall one under the other and hanging your heels over the top so they are pointed outwards.

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Step 8: Review

You really need a full length mirror close by so you get to see your whole image before you walk out the door.

Step 9: Lighting

Lavender ornaments

Lavender ornaments. Image courtesy of pillowhead designs

Poor lighting will make you terribly frustrated when trying to find that perfect scarf at the back of your wardrobe so invest in some good lighting.

Step 10: Enjoy

Finally, fragrance your wardrobe with scented drawer liners and reed diffusers with your favourite smell.

If you need any further help with sorting your clothes, contact a fashion stylist which offer both Wardrobe Consultations and Personal Shopping trips.

A well ordered wardrobe filled with essential items that flatter your body shape and are easy to get to will help you put outfits together faster.


Shannon Johnson

Shannon Johnson is a Personal Fashion Stylist and Director of Living for Style. With over 10 years experience in fashion and 5 of those years based in London she has the knowledge and know how to give you the opportunity to feel confident and shine. Shannon is currently based on the Northern Beaches of Sydney. livingforstylesydney

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