5 fashion mistakes that make you look older

It’s often said that as women get older, we tend to choose safety in our clothing – to camouflage and compensate for certain areas.

The irony is that as we try to hide these areas, these “safe” selections are likely to do the exact opposite and make ourselves look even older (and girlfriend, no one needs THAT!!!!).

5 fashion mistakes that make you look older

Here are the 5 most common mistakes that will actually age you rather than flatter you.

#1. You forget to show off your shape

We’ve all been there – we’re having a “fat” day, so we grab something we can hide in. The end result? We cover ourselves in loose clothing that is shapeless and more baggy than we should be wearing.

Good news – in today’s world, clothing technology has come a LONG way. Like this “SSSHH” dress (which stands for Shape, Support, Smooth, Helps firm and Highlights curves) from Diana Ferrari.

Clothing with inbuilt shaping elements are now being much more common, so it hugs, flatters and smooth curves without the need for separate body shaping undergarments (although that always helps).


Diana Ferrari Marcie Pencil Dress $179.95

Embrace & smooth your curves with this dress from Diana Ferrari

#2. Your jacket length is going down, down and down.

When it comes to our hips and bum, the natural tendency is to drop our length down in order to cover our bottom half. Here’s the deal though – taking up your hem or jacket length is actually the simplest, most effective way to take years off your look. (True story).

If you’re concerned about your bum or hips, drop your blazer length to around mid-way down your bum, but no further. The trick is to have coverage while still showing off your curves. Otherwise your jacket ends up looking big and oversized, and that can add years on you.

Sheike Mirage Jacket $129.95

Keep your jackets fitted and not too long like this blazer from Sheike from their Spring 2013 range.

#3. You always wear black

It’s often all to easy to fall back on to black. It’s slimming and versatile, which is why this colour is oh-so-popular. However black can also be aging, and depending on your skintone and complexion, it can be a harsh colour for certain skintones to wear.

To offset that, try a softer alternative such as charcoal or steel gray which is not as harsh as black but just as versatile to wear.

Try a lighter colour such as charcoal or gun metal instead of black, like this blouse from Jigsaw.

Jigsaw blouse

Jigsaw Silk Front Tee $129

#4. Your shoes get heavier

There’s a certain sense of safety in not tottering about in super high heels. After all walking in high heels is hard work as any woman will tell you!

But that’s also when our shoes starts to get heavier and bigger. It’s as if we feel a need to have an ankle strap, and a solid block heel or wedge as our shoe safety blanket.

The reality is the chunkier your shoe, the bulkier and heavier your foot looks, and that actually makes your legs look shorter as well.

So turn back time and grab a pair of stilettos to elongate and lengthen. If you’re worried about walking in them, choose a mid-height (usually anywhere between 4cm – 8cm), which should give you just enough height to elevate but still walk in easily.

Keep shoes sleek & slim like these mid-height heels from Joanne Mercer to lengthen those pins.

Joanne Mercer shoes

Joanne Mercer Pump $139.95

#5. You don’t show off your décolletage

Showing off your décolletage is one of the easiest and quickest ways to take years off of your look.

This is usually an area that most of us are happy to show off, so embrace lower V and scoop necklines. If you’re going to work and want to do a lower neckline without appearing inappropriate, look for tops with a sheer overlay such as lace to give you a little coverage while still accentuating this area of your body.

Stay modest but sexy with this lace sheer top from Diana Ferrari

Diana Ferrari blouse

Diana Ferrari Mara Lace Top $49.95

No matter what your age, no one wants to look any older than we are. Yet it’s often too easy to fall into these common traps above. But as I always say – you only get one body, so EMBRACE and love it just as it is, no matter what your age or size – because it is beautiful just as you are. So show off your body and enjoy it every single day!

Wendy Mak

Wendy Mak is a Success Stylist™, Speaker, Storyteller & Author. She helps women to think, dress & eat well to create their successful & happy lives and business. Wendy is also author of the book “The Terrific Thirty – 30 items, 1000 Outifts”, which has been featured in New Idea, Woman’s Day and The Morning Show. Wendy can be found on www.WendyMak.com

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