5 Tips on How To Be Stylish In The Office

With the enormous selection of fashion garments that women have to choose from, it is confusing for some women to decide just what is appropriate for the office and still look stylish and fashionable.

Lets face it, most women want to look stylish, some just have a better understanding of what the word ‘style means and how to interpret that for themselves.

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In my opinion, an office is an office, and if you want to be in a mindset of getting the job done, then you must dress in a way that inspires you to feel like you are at work. Ask yourself, what am I doing today, who am I meeting and what do want to achieve today? Do I need to look sophisticated, powerful, demure, casual, businesslike, fashionable? These are the decisions that will determine what you wear.

  • Your wardrobe needs to have key pieces that form the foundation for building great outfits. From there you can ‘play’ with seasonal pieces and accessories that allow you to create your signature ‘style’ .
  • Invest in a great fitting suit in a trans-seasonal fabric. Choose a colour that everything goes back with. Navy, charcoal or taupe are great options. Signature jackets in colours or patterns will be your salvation.


  • Basic ‘unders’ are camisoles in different colours and a selection of blouses or tops that intermix.

  • Spend at least 30% on great accessories, shoes, handbags, scarves, jewelry, belts. These will allow you to change the look of the same outfit many times.

  • Don’t forget grooming. Well manicured nails, makeup, tidy hair, clean clothes, polished shoes, and hosiery all go towards you projecting the right image and style that you are looking for.

Work your style, keep it appropriate and own it!

Julie Hyne

Julie Hyne is an accredited image consultant and stylist who has a history of working with companies who demand a great appearance. She works with clients to create their signature style from fashion that suits them. Julie is compassionate, caring and knowledgeable on what women are looking for in building a great working wardrobe.


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