Dressing for curves

Dressing curves can often be a challenge.

But have no fear – with a little simple know-how you can embrace your curves and make them work FOR you, not against you!

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In my years of styling women, I’ve learnt there’s nothing sexier than a real woman who wears her curves well! So grab your drink of choice, settle in and let’s get in to it!


A lot of women tend to stay away from dresses because they’re unsure what will look good on them.

There’s a few simple rules:

  • Stay away from voluminous styles such as those cute, 50’s A-line dresses. No matter how sweet they look!
  • Choose a firm, structured fabric
  • Look for slimming elements like vertical lines and dark panels to slim & lengthenCurvetastic Dress Target
  • Choose strategic draping (often this is off to the side, not the middle of a dress) to camouflage lumps & bumpsCurvetastic Dress
  • Keep details and embellishment at the top of the dress to bring attention to your face and décolletage rather than tums and bums

Dresses for curves

Pants & skirts

Contrary to popular belief, curvy women can rock fitted skirts and pants!

I’m not talking about wearing something tight that clings in all the wrong places, but something that flatters and shows off your curves to your advantage.

So don’t be afraid to choose something a little more fitted than normal – just make sure that (similar to dresses) whatever you choose is in a heavier, structured fabric because this will help to skim and flatter across curves.

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Skirts for curves pencil skirt

In trousers and pants, try to look for a pull up style or ones with a side zip. Yes I know, pull ups are so not cool BUT I promise you – it will eliminate muffin tops, be super comfy and if you wear a blouse over it that’s long enough, no one will know that it’s a pull up. Think about it – it’s like built in, much more comfy shape wear!

Minimise Muffin Top

So there you have it – some super easy, but highly effective tips for dressing curves, and LOVING every one of them!

Dressing for curves

About Wendy Mak:

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Wendy Mak is a fashion stylist & author. She has a popular blog www.WendyMak.com which helps women get stylish & successful with weekly style, life and business tips.

She is also an entrepreneur & coach who helps new entrepreneurs get passionate & profitable, by turning their new businesses in to marketing machines!

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