How to dress a pear-shape body type

Hi ladies, this week I’m following on from my article about the apple body type and focusing on the pear shape. I’m sharing style tips on what essentials you should add to your wardrobe and what not to wear!

Some of the characteristics of the pear are petite top half and narrow shoulders, a defined waist, smaller bust and full hips and thighs. If you gain weight you tend to store fat around your lower half.

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So the goal of a pear is to draw the eye up and balance what’s below, balance is the key! You want to elongate your figure, minimising hips and thighs to make sure the top half flows through to the bottom half.

Here are my tips on how to dress a pear shape body type:


Rebecca Taylor Python Peplum Blazer $454.75

A fitted hip-length jacket is ideal for a pear body type preferably with shoulder pads, this will balance out your frame . Bold, dramatic styles with lapels work well as they draw attention away from your hip region. A flared peplum jacket is great on a pear shape because it can camouflage the broader lower half.


Sportscraft Mara A-line Skirt $119.95

Go for A-line or flared skirts and dresses as they tend to highlight the waist and skim hips and thighs. They also draw attention to the upper body, shoulders, and neck. Pair with a form-fitting v-neck blouse to create an hour glass shape.

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John Lewis Sequinned Shrug $84.56

A shrug is a great look for a pear because it emphasises and expands the top half. Wear a bolero or shrug with a party dress for volume and impact.



P.A.R.O.S.H belted top $237.97

A belt is your friend! A top with a belt will accentuate a small waist and define the hips. This is exactly what you need to balance out your body.


Wren Empire Tie Dress Was $397 Now $119

An empire line dress can add volume to the bust. It is also a very flattering style on the legs and hips and draws the eye away from problem areas. This high waist is great for a pear shape figure because the area just under the bust is usually the narrowest part of the body. The ruffle detail on the neckline of this dress also draws attention to the top half and the pleating highlights the chest and neckline. An added bonus! FYI wrap dresses and tops are great for pears too.



ASOS Kimono Top $52.25

A top with kimono or puff sleeves is perfect for pear shaped ladies. The sleeves add volume to your arms and balance out the derriere and give the illusion of a wider chest and shoulders. You can choose long or short.



Goat Redford Crepe Trousers $342.40

Always make sure that your trousers are darker than the rest of your outfit. Dark coloured flared pants draw attention away from the hips and bring balance between the upper and lower part of the body creating a more flattering line overall. Wear with a jacket with shoulder pads for that all important balance!

What not to wear:

  • Cargo pants
  • Hemlines below the knee
  • Ankle straps
  • Bias cut skirts
  • Bottoms with drawstrings
  • Skirts/trousers with pleats and/or side pockets

Lastly, accessorise with a platform shoe or high heel wedge to balance you out and add statement necklaces, earrings, scarves or embellished necklines to draw attention to your top half! Stay tuned for my next instalment on the hourglass body type.

What shape are you?

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