How to find the perfect T-shirt

Who am I? I’m versatile and chameleonic and paired with the right mate, can go from comfy at home casual, to slick and super professional. I come in all shapes and sizes but recommend you own me in 4 specific styles, forming the foundation of your go-to wardrobe. Yes, I’m a T-shirt!

The 4 styles of T-shirts


#1 – Slim and Structured


Weathered Pippi Stripe T-Shirt $60

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I fit you snugly (but not too snugly) and I’m fitted through the body and arms. I look great with a round or boat neck in crisp, clean colours and stripes. My best pairing is with less fitted pieces like wide leg trousers and full skirts so make sure I don’t drape or bunch up.

#2 – Slouchy and relaxed


Just Female Gazo T-Shirt $60.37

I’ve got a round or v-neck and am a bit looser. I love to show off a little collarbone and look fabulous with a rolled sleeve. You can wear me hanging out or loosely tucked into skinny jeans, fitted skirts and dressy shorts.

#3 – Give me graphics!

ASOS Digital Print T-shirt $37.81

I’m a little bit different and like to be original. Look for me in a bold but simple design, nothing fussy or overdone. I look good fitted or relaxed and my best friends are cool printed trousers, leather pants and simple shorts.

#4 – Like fine wine, I get better with age


Amplified Ramones 74 Crew T-Shirt $34.03

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I like to put my musical tastes right out there and proclaim my rock star status! I’m faded and might be a bit distressed (but in a good way!). You may have bought me at a concert back in the day or found me at a market or on eBay. I love a contrast and although I look good with your favourite faded jeans or denim shorts, I look hot with a pencil skirt and/or a tailored blazer.

Still think a t-shirt is a ho hum wardrobe piece? No way! Choose your own style and add the perfect t-shirt to your wardrobe. It’s a summer essential!

Are you a t-shirt fan? What’s your favourite look?

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