How to buy the right winter coat for you!

With Australia in the middle of a cold winter, one essential item every woman should have in her wardrobe is one great warm coat – or two. A good quality coat can be expensive so here are some essentials tips when buying your winter coat.

How to buy the right winter coat for you!

Take advantage of sales

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It’s shaping up to be a competitive retail season, and that means it is the consumer who wins. Many websites offer free shipping promotions while some stores are offering huge discounts just to get people to buy. Sign up for your favorite stores’ email lists. During June & July “EOFY” – 24-hour sales and flash promotions can mean you can get some great bargains. Remember you can always unsubscribe from lists when you’re done shopping.You want to make sure your winter coat is snug enough to keep you warm but not so tight you are uncomfortable

Quality construction

There shouldn’t be threads hanging off the coat or any sticking through the fabric. These can be clues that you’re looking at an inferior product.

Fast fashion philosophy

When you’re shopping for seasonal items, it’s best to invest in quality that can last years. But if you must buy a trendy coat, it’s best not to pay a lot.

Buy for the long term

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Coats are something you should invest in, which means buying for next season, not this one. You want to buy one that lasts multiple seasons, so make sure it’s a high-quality garment that’s both warm and functional. Keep an eye out for colours that tie back to your entire wardrobe. The foundation colours of your wardrobe are the best colours to buy a coat in – camel, charcoal, navy, beige or black.

Handle with care

How you take care of your coat when you’re not wearing it will help it last longer. If it’s wool, get it dry-cleaned at the end of each season, and if you’re buying a down coat, make sure you give it a thorough washing at end of season as many down coats are machine-washable. It is recommended that you keep coats in a garment bag when you’re not wearing it to maintain it’s quality. A garment bag will help protect a coat from temperature changes and humidity, which can damage or age material.

A word on sizing

You want to make sure your winter coat is snug enough to keep you warm but not so tight you are uncomfortable. The sleeves should cover the wrists, and the length really depends on the style of coat you want. Consider what you will wear under the coat during the winter season. Don’t estimate or assume you know how a coat will fit. It takes only an inch or so for the coat to appear shapeless.

The shape

Many are concerned with the bulky look shapeless coats can give. So here are a few additional tips to remember when buying:

  • To look taller, your coat length should be no lower than an inch above your knee to elongate your leg line.
  • Belted at the waist will emphasis curves and give a feminine hourglass shape.
  • If you are top-heavy, consider a single-breasted coat.
  • If you are bottom-heavy, try an A-line coat.
  • If you have broad shoulders or a large bust, look for a coat with a V-neck.

I hope these tips help you find the perfect coat! Happy shopping!

Cosimina Nesci