Workin’ it in your workout wear

Monday to Friday for many of us is work, work, work and maybe a workout or two. And like most people some days I feel like working out and others I don’t. But I’ve found one of the best motivators to get moving is to have some cool workout wear.

Prior to figuring this out I used to turn up in some daggy old shorts and one of a few freebie T-shirts I’d acquired somehow. And lo-and-behold I didn’t feel too hot in my get up which didn’t encourage me to get to the gym too often. So to get my exercise mojo happnin’ I invested in some new threads…. and what a difference it made.

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This was more than a few years ago before the range was extensive and readily available as it is now. These days there really is no excuse not to look cool as you’re warming up.

Workin' it in your workout wear!

As a stylist workout wear is usually one of the last things clients ask me to help them with but it is also one of those things that is hopefully worn rather regularly. And usually the better you feel in it the more you wear it and the more you work out, win-win huh! So if you’re still wearing clothes to exercise in that you wouldn’t want to actually be seen in then its time to get moving… down to your local shopping centre!

Get your basics right

Start will a good sports bra, everyone needs support ladies, especially two of your most important assets. Regardless of size there’s a bra for you that’ll help keep gravity from causing too much havoc. And if you need some more assistance team it with a sports bra top for double the support, especially if you’re doing vigorous exercise.

To keep costs down I suggest dark neutral coloured bottoms, maybe some ¾ tights or shorts for summer and some yoga pants for winter. These will hide any mud or grass stains and keep your toosh looking slimmer. Then coordinate them with a few bright coloured tops to give a few different looks.

Mix n match Summer to Winter workout wear

Accessorise to really be workin’ it!

It goes without saying that you need to dress appropriately for the particular activity so these are just some style guidelines. But whatever you pick jazz it up with some cool shoes and coloured accessories, remembering a cap and sunglasses if your exercising outdoors. This way no matter how hot and sweaty you get you’ll still be one cool cat.

Featured image: Edson Hong

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