Favourite Articles of 2015: Angela Bee, Events Coordinator

As the current year wraps up and the new year starts, we’re taking a step back and reflecting on our favourite articles of 2015. Each of our team will share their particular favourites, as well as why. Take a look at the favourite articles of Erica, our Business and Lifestyle Editor, here!
This week, Angela Bee, our Events Coordinator, shares her picks.

Red Heel Day 2015 Event Wrap-Up

As the events manager for Leaders In Heels, this article sums up how the night went with photos, video and main takeaway points. If you weren’t there, definitely worth a read and if you want to hold events in your local area ping me @walkingadvert on Twitter or contact using contact us form.
Jodie Fox is incredible! Having worked in PR and now in marketing, the way she has branded herself and Shoes of Prey is phenomenon! She turned her passion into a business and after reading this article, I turned my love for food into Picnic Vibes, a food catering company a couple of months ago! The three takeaways in this article have been the highlights of my year:
  1. The words I live by are ‘do everything before you are ready’. Don’t wait or hesitate.
  2. Have confidence in your business idea and yourself.
  3. Do what you love.
Pssst! I do LOVE shoes and used to work in a shoe shop too!

Leadership lessons from a professional ballerina

Listening to Lexi at Red Heel Day was inspirational. Her previous experience as a professional ballerina made her CEO of Products at Aussie Commerce only after 5 years working in corporate!! I remember her friend described her as a swan: always looking beautiful at the top but working really hard beneath. This article sums up her learnings which has helped her excel in her business life.

So there you have it – Angela’s favourite articles of the year. What were yours? We’d love to hear about them in the comments!

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