Favourite articles of 2015: Erica Enriquez, Business and Lifestyle Editor


As the current year wraps up and the new year starts, we’re taking a step back and reflecting on our favourite articles of 2015. Each of our editors will share their particular favourites, as well as why. This week, Erica Enriquez, our Business and Lifestyle editor, shares her picks.


6 tips for succeeding in male-dominated industries (plus the power of mentoring)

This one’s an interesting read and therefore one of my faves from 2015 because although Sharon Warburton talks about the 6 tips for succeeding in a male dominated industry, this can be applied to any situation where you find yourself constantly “shrinking” back or being less vocal. There are many studies and anecdotes that show that women will often be less assertive than their male counterparts and it’s important for women to understand that we can “lean in” and take leadership roles.

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What kind of leader are you?

I always believe it’s important to understand what a good leader really is, and this article highlights the difference between a person who merely leads out of obligation (i.e. through promotion and inheriting a team) and one who really believes in utilising the strengths of their colleagues whilst also encouraging development and training that have yet to reach their potential. I’ve worked with good and not-so-good leaders and I find I always get more out of my work from leaders I respect and admire.

4 ways to build resilience in business

Like so many of us, 2015 may have been a year with many challenges and stumbling blocks, and I found that the ability to get back up when you’ve been knocked down (aka resilience) always saw me through to the next day. Sometimes it’s hard to see that there is light at the end of the tunnel so this article is a favourite of mine because it resonated with me on a personal level. I was able to use the points in both my personal and professional life.


Five Aussie athletes talk passion, inspiration and motivation

Young women kicking butt and succeeding in the areas they’re passionate about – what’s not to love! The great thing about each of these women is that their passions are not based on money, power or fame. They truly love what they do and excel in it because their devotion for their sport carries them through tough times. It’s a reminder that following your passion is always more rewarding in the long run. I was also particularly impressed with their holistic views related to health and wellbeing. They’re ambitious and competitive, sure, but they knew that fad dieting coupled rest and recuperation were just as important as training and competing.

4 real habits of successful women

Operative phrase: real habits. This candid and relatable article made me see that anyone can exercise the four points raised in it, and they weren’t difficult to follow, either. I was reminded that successful people are human too, and just because you sometimes hit the snooze button, indulged in a couple of episodes of Real Housewives (of any county, let’s be honest) or snacked on another chocolate biccie didn’t make you a complete and utter failure, it just made you human.

From scared teen to successful entrepreneur: One woman’s lessons on perserverance

It takes a brave woman to tell her tale, and Eleni Zaphir’s amazing journey to not just entrepreneurial success but self-reliance is one to applaud. If you think you’ve had it tough, chances are others have had it tougher than you. Eleni’s story is touching and inspirational and she truly embodies the ideas of the Leaders in Heels manifesto.


So there you have it – Erica’s favourite articles of the year. What were yours? We’d love to hear about them in the comments!

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