Favourite articles of 2015: Leanne Yong, Managing Editor

As we start the new year, we’re taking a step back and reflecting on our favourite articles of 2015. Each of our team will share their particular favourites, as well as why. Take a look at the favourite articles of our Business and Lifestyle Editor Erica here, our Events Coordinator Angela Bee here, and our Community and Social Media Manager Yolanda Floro here.

This week, we’re sharing the three favourite articles of Leanne Yong, our Managing Editor and Technology Editor.

How to sell your skills into a new industry or role

2015 was full of ups and downs for me in terms of career. More than once, I seriously considered walking out of my job and doing absolutely anything but programming and business analysis. The only problem was, I felt as though since all my previous experience had been in those areas, I had no chance of getting a job in a different industry. That’s why I loved this article by Caroline, which provided very useful and practical tips on how to make the transition.

Why you should be aware of your children’s video games

I know, I’m probably biased because I wrote this. But I passionately believe that as video games become bigger and bigger parts of our children’s lives (the same way TV was a living room staple when many of us were growing up), we need to be more aware of their content and be prepared to discuss with our children. It’s insane to think that in this day and age, so many parents simply dismiss video games as ‘for children’ without being aware of the mature content in many of the most popular games.

How to navigate a cross-cultural minefield

As someone who’s worked with teams in many different countries, I found Sharon’s article on navigating all those cross-cultural nuances very enlightening. It’s so easy to waltz into a meeting with a team and assume that they ‘get’ the same things you do, that you can act the way you do with teams from your own country and everything will work out. But different cultures mean that team members will expect different things and react in different ways. Sharon has some great tips in this article for anyone looking to engage internationally!