Favourite Articles of 2015: Yolanda Floro, Community and Social Media Manager

As the current year wraps up and the new year starts, we’re taking a step back and reflecting on our favourite articles of 2015. Each of our team will share their particular favourites, as well as why. Take a look at the favourite articles of Erica, our Business and Lifestyle Editor, here, and Angela Bee, our Events Coordinator, here.

This week, we’re sharing the three favourite articles of Yolanda Floro, our Community and Social Media Manager.

How you can help stop violence against women

I wrote this article in September after two women endured very public and violent deaths on Queensland’s Gold Coast. Since writing that article, 17 more women have died due to family violence.  Sadly, the festive season is known for increases in family violence –  as there is pressure to have a joyful Christmas with the added financial and family-related stresses.

Five tips for victims of domestic violence to protect themselves online

Although the internet, email and mobile phones have provided benefits, they have also opened up new avenues for abuse. I liked this article by our editor Leanne, which has advice and steps you can take to protect yourself if you are in a violent situation.

Start ups: 3 reasons to give up right now (and 3 reasons why you shouldn’t)

This article was first published back in February 2015, and it’s message is a great one to re-visit at the twilight of 2015. I like that it examines the flitting feelings all business owners have at the start, and gives strategies on how to take a step back and breathe.