Ten most popular articles on Leaders in Heels in 2015

As the Leaders in Heels team returns next week, well-rested after our holiday break, we thought we’d finish the series of favourite articles with a list of what you, our readers, loved the best in 2015. Kasia, the founder of Leaders in Heels, has crunched the numbers and come up with the final list. Take it away, Kasia!

As an analyst and a publisher, I love analysing the stats for Leaders in Heels as it gives me lots of insight into our audience (all of you wonderful readers!), what you do, what interests you, and most importantly, who you want to be. Below are the articles that were the most popular with everyone – all you ambitious, creative, innovative women who have a passion for their businesses and/or have successful careers!

1. 5 makeup tips that help nail a polished work look

This was our most popular article of 2015! It goes to show that Leaders in Heels care about their appearance at work and in business.

2. 6 tips for succeeding in male-dominated industries (plus the power of mentoring)

It seems that many Leaders in Heels work in male-dominated industries, and are proactively looking for ways to tackle that challenge – as well as looking for mentors to help them grow, or even becoming mentors themselves!

3. What kind of leader are you?

Leaders in Heels love analysing their leadership styles to make their teams work more effectively.

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4. 4 real habits of successful women

We clearly love learning from other successful women!

5. Red Heel Day

With Red Heel Day being our biggest event of the year, we can conclude that Leaders in Heels love celebrating their achievements, and sharing the achievements of other women.

6. 5 ways to change your mindset in a bad situation

Everyone can have a bad day – even a Leader in Heels. It’s how we pick ourselves up again that matters!

7. Why entrepreneurial women are the future

The popularity of this article only further proves the finding of our survey from last December – 25% of Leaders in Heels are business owners and 97% of those who are not business owners or a director have the intention of starting their own business within the next 12 months!

8. Managing accountability – how to make people do what you want

The mark of a good leader is in knowing how to keep others accountable, but in a way that doesn’t put others on the defensive. It seems to have resonated with many readers!

9. Five Aussie athletes talk passion, inspiration and motivation

Many of us found this interview with five of Australia’s top athletes inspiring and motivating. It’s incredible what they’ve achieved!

10. What is your WHY? How Great Leaders Inspire Action

Leaders in Heels want to inspire others with their passion. This article is actually a product of our team strategy day, and shares the stories of our team members and why they love what they do.