Did you know:

1. Women earn less than men, with an 18% gender gap.

2. Women tend to take more time out of the workforce, particularly when they have children, reducing the amount of super they accumulate.

3. We usually retire earlier and live longer than men.

4. Women in Australia are likely to retire with 40% less super than men.

Scared? You should be.

Barbra Norris, VicSuper Chairperson says, “Research shows that of all retired households, single women are the most likely to be dependent on the full Age Pension for their income. That’s just under $730 per fortnight (2012). It’s clear that the more we can do to assist women to overcome the financial issues associated with lower wages and time out of the workforce, the better off we’ll be as a society.”

VicSuper’s bi-annual fourth Super Woman Money Program begins in August. The 3 month program helps women:

– learn more about their finances

– take better control of their money and

– help improve their lifestyle now and in the future.

Join the FREE Super Woman Money Program and you get:

1. 12 weekly emails with articles prepared by our super woman money experts. The program covers key topics such as debt, investing, creating a budget, insurance and superannuation.

2. Practical steps to help you make the most of your money, now and into the future.

3. A dedicated website with an ‘Ask the expert’ section where women can post questions to financial planners.

4. VicSuper’s ‘300+ ways to save money’ tips.

5. Bonus articles from super women financial experts, such as saving for a house deposit, holiday or share portfolio.

Where and when (Circle these very important dates in your diary).

Melbourne events

14 August: Money bootcamp
How to save fast & build your own spending plan.
Location/Time: Melbourne CBD

3 September: Girls just wanna have funds
Planning your (female) finances.
Location/Time: Melbourne CBD

9 October: Super for every Super Woman
Get the most out of your superannuation.
Location/Time: Melbourne CBD

22 October: What women want
Investment strategies for women.
Location/Time: Melbourne CBD

Join the ranks of over 2,500 women who have been through the program, with a huge 95% of participants surveyed saying they were motivated to apply what they’d learned. The feedback has been extremely positive:

“As I always say, a man is not a financial plan! It’s about time women educated themselves regarding how to use their money wisely to protect themselves in the future.”
“I have found the program invaluable. Great to receive so much encouragement to achieve financial security and hopefully financial freedom in the long run.”

To sign up for the program go to www.superwomanmoney.com. For a sneak peek at the Money Bootcamp event from the last program, click here.

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Leaders in Heels spoke to Jo Zaharopoulos, Senior Legal Counsel at Salmat, who completed the Return to Work With Confidence program developed by Prue Gilbert of Prue Gilbert Consulting (who is also a Senior Associate of Xplore for Success), when returning to work part time after maternity leave. Return to Work with Confidence is a one-on-one coaching program enabling women to return to work from maternity leave confidently, flexibly and productively. Xplore for Success provides the program nationally and also via telephone as Associates are available in all major cities around Australia.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, over the last decade, there has been a steady increase in the number of working mothers and it’s estimated that over half of all mothers with young children now participate in the workforce.

1. What motivated you to look for a program like Return to Work With Confidence from Xplore for Success?
As an in-house legal counsel, my role can be demanding and providing a high standard of service to my internal stakeholders is essential for me. I felt a little overwhelmed returning to work from maternity leave on a part-time basis wondering how on earth I was going to continue to meet the needs of my valued stakeholders, provide the same high standard of service in reduced hours and continue to be the best mum I could be for my little one. The Return to Work with Confidence Program provides a fantastic opportunity to assist in articulating your goals and professional vision with confidence whilst working with an inspiring mentor who has been through the same challenges of managing flexibility and a successful career. The Program helped me re-focus on identifying my key strengths and identifying what my personal and professional values were

2. Why did you choose Xplore to deliver the program?
I am fortunate to work for a company who invest in their people and our People and Culture Team offered me the opportunity to participate in the Return to Work with Confidence program when I mentioned I was finding the idea of adjusting from working full time to part time a little challenging. Prue is well respected and highly regarded in the field of gender diversity coaching and consulting, had previously provided consulting services for our Women in Leadership Council and the company Aspire program (which is designed to identify future leaders). She has such a warm and inspiring personality, and that Prue used to be a lawyer and understood the demands of an in-house legal counsel role was an added bonus for me.

3. What benefits did you immediately see/feel once starting on the program?
When you become a mother, you invest so much focus, love and energy into your children it is easy to forget that you are still an individual who has their own aspirations and values, and that these are not mutually exclusive to the role of being a wonderful mother. I returned to work on a part time basis and was juggling day-care drop offs, separation anxiety, mother guilt and trying to work out how I was going to be able to do my work in reduced hours, whilst continuing to maintain a high standard of service for my internal stakeholders whose relationships I value immensely. Taking the time out to consider what your strengths are and what is important to you personally and professionally is something you don’t really have the leisure of doing as a mother but is so essential to your productivity and success

After my first coaching session, I felt a real sense of direction, confidence and empowerment. The Program helped me re-focus on identifying my key strengths and identifying what my personal and professional values were. This exercise left me with an immense sense of confidence of what I had to offer and aspire to. Taking the time out to consider what your strengths are and what is important to you personally and professionally is something you don’t really have the leisure of doing as a mother but I feel is so essential to your productivity and success. Thankfully I work for an employer who recognised this and the value of investing in a coaching program like Return to Work with Confidence.skills I had developed in this amazing journey of motherhood including multi-tasking, communication, patience, problem solving and mentoring could be transferred to the workplace and enabled me to offer more to my employer and made me a greater asset than before I left

I realised many of the skills I had developed in this amazing journey of motherhood including multi-tasking, communication, patience, problem solving and mentoring could be transferred to the workplace and enabled me to offer more to my employer and made me a greater asset than before I left. The Program also enabled me to identify mentors who could support my professional vision. I also have a Manager who is strong, successful, incredibly intelligent and prepared to promote flexibility.

4. What aspects of the program did you find most helpful?
Taking the time to stop and reflect to identify what is important both personally and professionally was one of the things I found really helpful. Return to Work with Confidence encourages you to identify and articulate your strengths, goals and values. This isn’t an exercise many of us have the leisure of taking the time to do but once you do it, the sense of focus and direction this delivers is invaluable. As Prue rightly puts it, there is nothing more powerful than being aware of your strengths and knowing what you care about. I also found her personal experience in managing a successful career and business whilst raising young children herself to be really motivating and inspiring.

5. How did you feel after completing the program?
The Return to Work with Confidence Program left me feeling such a strong sense of confidence, focus and determination. I realised it is okay to say that I love my job, it’s okay to have a career and professional aspirations and you can still be an amazing and committed mother at the same time. If you are seeking to return to work with flexibility, this inspirational and motivating program also provides valuable tips to create proposals that meet both organisational and personal objectives. You will walk away from this program knowing you can achieve anything you set your mind to.

Xplore for Success provides this program nationally and also via telephone as Associates are available in all major cities around Australia.

To book your session, please email Office@xplore.net.au or for more information visit http://www.xplore.net.au/return-to-work-with-confidence.htm#.UcASo-BBDGs

You can download the Return To Work with Confidence brochure at http://www.xplore.net.au/return-to-work-with-confidence.htm#.UcASo-BBDGs

Photo credit: Ben Earwicker
Garrison Photography, Boise, ID

Are you a busy professional who often wishes things would slow down a tad just so you could think? Do you spend more time on your performance appraisal instead of planning your next career move? If this sounds like you, then a new business forum held by boutique diversity and leadership organisation, Apogee Global Consulting in Ubud, Bali from 27 to 30 October could be a great opportunity to take a much needed time out!

Madeleine Long, Managing Director of Apogee Global Consulting says, “It’s all about the environment and the people. Your best ideas and thinking happens when you are feeling relaxed and inspired. Basing this business forum in Ubud was a conscious decision to provide participants with not only inspiring speakers to learn from and network with but also an inspiring setting to encourage reflection on the new information they receive and ways it can be applied to improve their own careers and business challenges”.

The 3-day forum’s main focus is on Career Resiliency, Latest Leadership Ideas and Energy Restoration providing participants who are facing tough work challenges, at career crossroads or needing the right environment to reassess their work/life goals. By getting away from their day to day routine, Madeleine believes attendees will restore their energy and return to their workplaces and lives with a renewed focus and direction. Anyone who needs clarity before they take their next big career step either within their current organization or outside, should attend.

Who should attend?

• Professionals who have been in management roles for at least 5 years
• Business owners
• Non Executive Board directors
• Executive Managers
• Team Leaders
• Professionals currently or wanting to do business in Asia

Participants can:

– divide their time between gaining knowledge from guest speakers who will share their incredible career journeys and key learnings
– brainstorm new career or business ideas amongst business professionals
– set new goals with the aid of experienced executive coaches
– understand their core strengths through creative workshops designed for business managers
– build new networks while enjoying recreational activities like paddy field walks, spas, cycling or sharing meals

Speakers at the forum include:

1. Madeleine Long – Founder & MD Apogee Global Consulting
2. Professor Karen Simmer – Professor of Newborn Medicine, University of Western Australia (UWA)
3. Agatha Kessler – CEO & Principal, Fentress Architects, USA
4. Kate Heaslip – Founder, Hippo and Toad Productions
5. Denis Calvert – Executive Director Touch Networks
6. Clare Goodman – CEO, The Lift Effect

Madeleine explains about speaker selection, “We’ve selected a diverse range of people in terms of gender, culture, age and experience to be guest speakers and executive coaches. This ensures that participants receive a balanced view of our contemporary corporate world and the key strategies these people use to get ahead, especially when they reach roadblocks, work/life challenges and in times of change.

For more information, please click here or contact Madeleine Long, Apogee Global Consulting on (08) 6311 4650 or
madeleine.long@apogeeglobal.com. Early bird registrations extended until July 15!


Are you currently in a leadership position and struggling to identify what you should do to move ahead? If this sounds like you the Women in the Driving Seat workshop held on Saturday 22 and Sunday 23 June at Sydney University, Camperdown may be just what you have been searching for. The weekend workshop (9.30am – 5pm) is facilitated by Sharon Williams, an accomplished Executive Coach and Program Facilitator, with over 15 years experience in coaching, training and consulting services in Australia and overseas. Sharon works quickly and effectively to identify the root cause of behaviour or challenges that might be holding an individual back from achieving their full potential

Past clients from different industries had the following to say about the outcomes they achieved from sessions and workshops run by Sharon:

Sharon works quickly and effectively to identify the root cause of behaviour or challenges that might be holding an individual back from achieving their full potential.

My Leaders wanted to work with someone that had credible qualifications and Sharon’s commitment to study and personal development is impressive.

Sharon possesses a deep knowledge of her subject matter, is an exceptional facilitator and always manages to engage with her participants regardless of their background or position in the organisation.

Still not convinced that this workshop is for you? Did you know that a study by Manchester Inc of Fortune 1000 companies whose senior level executives had taken part in coaching programs reported the following results?

– 77% improved working relationship with direct reports
– 61% improved job satisfaction
– 63% improved relationships with peers

What’s in it for you?
Sharon will cover the following key areas in her workshop:

1. Authentic YOU – Get in the driving seat and take control!
2. Relationships – Who do you have in your passenger seat?
3. Overall Health – What’s fuelling you?
4. Personal Wealth – On the road to financial independence.
5. Business/Career – Set your GPS to get to your destination faster

Key outcomes

  • Personal Action Plan
  • Greater “Presence” and Confidence
  • Formula to get that promotion or idea off the ground
  • Psychology behind successful people

There are only 5 seats left so if you are serious about achieving success, get in the driver’s seat NOW! Please mention promo code LiH to obtain an extra 10% discount for Leaders in Heels subscribers. Call Sharon on 0409 377 653 or info@alphacoaching.com.au

We want to see more women as successful entrepreneurs! Lean Startup Machine workshops are perfect to get beyond the hype around Lean processes and find out what all-star companies like Dropbox, Etsy, Facebook and Skillshare already use to continuously grow their businesses. Learn how building a Minimum Viable product and running tests to (in)validate your key assumptions can lead you to more traction for your idea.

Lean Startup Machine is a metrics-driven startup competition where teams are taught how to identify the key risks in launching or scaling their startup venture. You will receive hands-on mentorship from experienced entrepreneurs using our framework of Lean Startup tools and techniques. No matter where you are in your idea, you’ll learn a step-by-step process to develop a product or service that your customers will actually want.

You will get the TOP brains in this space thinking about YOUR idea, sharing insights into your market, helping tweak your messaging, looking at your UX over the course of a weekend. ONE HOUR of consulting with any one of these people would be more than the price of admission.

Event Speakers & Mentors (NEW people added every day):

  • Natasha Rawlings, CEO & Co-Founder at StreetHawkApp
  • Pascale Helyar-Moray, CEO & Founder at StyleRocks
  • Jodie Fox, Founder at Shoes of Prey
  • Catherine Eibner, Lead Startup Advisor at BlueChilli Technology
  • Elisa Chan, Marketing & Community Manager at BlueChilli Technology
  • Pratibha Rai, Product Manager at The New Agency
  • Matt Barrie, CEO & Chairman at Freelancer.com
  • Benjamin Chong, Partner at Right Click Capital
  • Garry Visontay, General Manager at Sydney Seed Fund
  • Sebastien Eckersley-Maslin, CEO & Founder at BlueChilli Technology
  • Hamish Barney, VP of Engineering at Posse
  • + you will have an opportunity to meet me there too :)
Applications are now open for Lean Startup Machine Sydney from 19 April to 21 April at Fishburners.

>> Apply here and use LSMLiH to get 20% off<<

Full event details can be found here. Contact: colette@theleanstartupmachine.com with any questions.