Fit a lens camera in your handbag…Upcoming Sony lens technology

Sony lens camera for smartphone

As the war within the smartphone photography category marches on, Sony has provided a solution in what they call a lens camera… and it fits nicely into a handbag.

They have just released a nifty little camera that looks like a high-end compact camera lens, but without the body. So what’s used as the replacement body? Your smartphone. The lenses use Wi-Fi (or NFC, if available) to connect to and communicate with the smartphone, which becomes the control panel and viewfinder. They work with both iPhones and Android phones alike.

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The lenses don’t even need to be clipped onto the smartphone to work. They can be operated as-is, though you won’t have much control or know how the pictures turned out until you hook it up to your phone or computer. Another useful feature is the tripod receptacle on the bottom, allowing you to attach one in and use it as you would a fully-fledged camera. The best part? You can leave the lens camera on the tripod, pose with your friends, and check the viewfinder on your phone while you’re at it. The days of terrible selfies with half the people cut from the frame are over!

Photos are saved on a micro-SD card on the device (you’ll have to buy one yourself) and can also be sent to your phone at varying resolutions. Be warned, though – all this functionality requires battery power, so expect to be carrying around an extra battery for the lens camera, and possibly one for your smartphone as well.

The lens camera comes in two forms – the cheaper QX10 and the high-end QX100 which has a larger sensor and better macro focus, among other things. Both are able to produce photos on par with high-end digital cameras, and with optical zoom, image stabilisation and much larger sensors than you’d ever find on most smartphones, it’s certainly a viable alternative to having a compact camera.

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