5 handy iPhone tips to make your life easier

If you are an average iPhone user, you probably only use a small fraction of its features. But with every new model and software update, Apple adds some nifty features which can make your home and work life easier. Here are some of my favourite handy iPhone tips;

Do Not Disturb

When I discovered this feature, I fell in love with my iPhone all over again. From Facebook notifications to reminding you to play games – your phone is buzzing 24/7. This, of course, isn’t fun at night when you need to get some shut eye.

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Enter the Do Not Disturb. You can either set it manually or automatically (which I do). Every night from 9pm until 6am in the morning, you won’t hear a peep from my phone, unless it’s from someone in my favourite list or the same number calling the second time within 3 minutes. I love that it has the safety features inbuilt in case of emergency. Find Do Not Disturb in the setting section of your iPhone.

Easy Sharing

Have you ever been reading an article (maybe this one) and thought my bestie would really love this or my boss needs to read this? Prior to iPhone it involved lots of copying and pasting, navigating between apps, but not any more. Most apps, especially the Apple ones (safari, notes etc) have inbuilt easy sharing. Just find the share button and either email or send an message. Where your button is placed and what it looks like depends on which version of software you are running . Depending on the app you can even share directly to Facebook and Twitter. I use this feature to send myself reminders or articles to read/reference later.

Screen Capture

Screen capture is one of those tools that I’m not sure how we survived without. You will be surprised about how much you actually use this handy feature. If there was ever anything in your screen that you would like as a photo you can take a quick picture. The picture will then be stored on your iPhone in the photo section. I’ve used this for heaps of different ideas such as; saving inspiration quotes from Facebook, wedding/event planning ideas, receipts after online purchases, ideas for your own content creation. To take a photo of the screen click the home button and the on/off button at the same time. Your photo will then be stored in your photos app. How do you think I got the images for this article?

Phone Search

Our phones have many items stored on them these days, from photos, notes, emails, contacts, books and games. Instead of scrolling through your phone to find the app you want or a particular email, you can quickly located it using the iPhone search feature. It’s a really simple tool which will save you valuable time. If you are on iOS7, pull the screen down and a search bar will appear. On older software versions, scroll to the far left and a search bar will appear. Type in what you are looking for and click on the results to be taken directly to the item. You can also pull down the screen within your messages and just search your messages app.

Contact Favourites

I’m sure you have list of people who you call the most, and instead of searching through your contacts, why not add them to your Phone Favourites?. When in your phone app, your favourites are located on the far left. To add a contact to your favourite list, find them in your normal contact list, scroll down and click on ‘add to favourites’ Once they are in your favourites list, you can reorder them by clicking on the “edit” button, then it’s a simple drop and drag to re-position them.

What are some of the features you love on your iphone? Share your handy iPhone tips in the comments below.

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