5 easy steps to building your technology skills

When it comes to integrating technology into our daily lives and business, unless you feel confident in using and trying devices, apps and new software then the amazing range of tools offered out there in the techno-sphere will remain just that – out there and not working for you.

Truth is, until you conquer the fear of breaking it or overcome the “I’ll leave it to someone else” mentality you are missing out and being left behind in both the business world and a world of pleasure that really can improve your lifestyle. You simply cannot feel better about using technology until you do it. It is that simple.

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It’s a whole lot easier than you would imagine and won’t necessarily have to cost you a cent. But like any fear, it will need to be taken in small steps and requires you to have fun in the process.

Tip 1 – Anonymity is your friend

YouTube this, Tweet it, Pin it and Facebook it are some of the common phrases people mention when it comes to integrating businesses with social media. While this may be true, jumping in and using your business or personal name and getting it wrong can lead to wasted time and the possibility of reputation damage. To raise your confidence, fake it until you make it. Many of us are so honest that it feels strange to create accounts or logins that are not real, however a fictional identity allows you the freedom to explore without any backlash. This also allows you to click and try functions which may not be relevant to your business but gives you an understanding of what others are talking about.


Beautylish App

Tip 2 – Try New Apps every week

To feel better about using apps for business start off by finding and using apps based on a personal interest. Free apps are the best place to start. Try searching and loading a recipe app like Green Kitchen for iOS in Apple devices or a beauty app such as Beautylish on Android. Pocket is another great app that is on both iOS and Android. It’s both functional and easy to use and lets you view any document anywhere. You are now starting to blend your device into your life. Get used to navigating and using them as an easy source of information to save you time and give you great ideas in daily life. Its step by step approach. Slowly progress into business apps which can give you everything from stock prices to Gantt charts and beyond.


Tip 3 – Use online tutorials

Want to expand your skill in anything? There are an abundance of easy to follow, step by step videos and text based online tutorials for improving your technology skills. This is especially the case for design, photography and digital media. For simple operations try Woopid Video Tutorials and for design and photography try hub.tuts plus.com. YouTube also has a great range on every topic under the sun however a word of warning these can be posted by amateurs so take their advice with discretion. If you then use your tablet or mobile device to view them you can multi task and be learning while you do the everyday activities we all have to do such as cooking and ironing.


Tip 4 – You can’t really break it

Click, try and try again. The beauty of most technology is that it is designed for the lazy woman and if you get yourself in to a pickle you can always back out or return to home and try again. In most cases until you hit the submit/enter/commit button you can go back and no harm done. Go into menus you are not sure about and read what is there – most often the answers are right in front of you. It simply requires you to give it a go. Don’t know what it does? Then try it and see. Watch your knowledge and confidence grow as you repeat this.

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Tip 5 – Know when enough is enough

Use apps, devices and software tools to give you freedom to work where and when you chose, create more time to live and expand your horizons but know when to stop. It is easy to become obsessed with a brand new world of information at the press of a button. Remember – little steps first.


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Emma Wallace

Emma Wallace has acquired a good deal of tech-knowledge and business skills co-running regional based IT consultancy, CloneSurfing Technology for over 7 years.

Also known as @digisquirrel, this graphic/web designer, digital artist, former radio presenter with gift wrapping skills is a little different – but what’s wrong with that?