Presentations, the Prezi way!


You might have heard someone say that they use ‘Prezi’ for their presentations, but not really understand what it is or how it works.

‘Prezi’ is an online presentation software (with a difference) that is both a web based tool and an app for iOS devices. To see the workaround for Android, please click on the link.

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Presentations in today’s digital world need to have collaborative access and the ability to share what you are doing via social media and email. When working with teams whether it’s based locally or globally, it is vital that more than one person have access to a presentation (two heads are always better than one).

I always work better when I have those ideas to bounce off and recently have been working on a Prezi for a company and it is been vital for my client to see changes as they are being made (and tell me where they see the vision of the Prezi going). It also means that the client has access to the presentation and can make any final changes if need be.

Here is my latest Pinterest board on “Presentation Ideas and Tools’ with great Prezi resources and ideas.

Three Different Tiers within Prezi

Free – This entitles you to only having PUBLIC Prezi’s, 100 MB of space and the ability to edit and share Prezi’s.

Enjoy ($59 a year) – This entitles you to having PRIVATE Prezi’s (choose who to share with), your own logo, 500mb of space and backup support.

PRO ($159 a year) This entitles you to having PRIVATE Prezi’s, ability to work desktop application, own logo, premium support and 2B of space.

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Where to start with Prezi

Prezi has three ways of creating a presentation at the start (once you have set up an account). These are (directly importing a Powerpoint), using a template and starting from scratch.

When doing a presentation, always plan it first! I learnt this the hard way with Prezi- even to the point of numbering my ideas so that I create a ‘path’ in the order that the slides or information will flow between.

6 STEPS to using Prezi

Step 1: If you have never used Prezi, then start from a template (having things already set up makes learning it much easier). Prezi is essentially about the workflow and presentation of ideas (in a non-linear) way with amazing tools to help engage your audience.

Step 2: Choose a colour theme (see image below). You can always customise this later on (especially if your client or company has a specific colour palette).


Step 3

Step 3: Add text, images and other files into your Prezi. The boxes can always be moved around and added to with more information.


Step 4

Step 4: The best tip I received for images:

Go to ‘Frames/Arrows” (top of webpage) and choose invisible frames. Add the invisible frame (drag top left to bottom right over your image).

These frames give you the option to become a new ‘slide’ on the side of your ‘Prezi’ and the ability to add extra detail (such as rotating your image and zooming into the image during your presentation).

I love the ability to be able to zoom in and zoom out with the plus/minus feature that appears on the right hand side of the screen.

Step 5

Step 5

Step 5: The most important step: Choosing the path….

One of the amazing features of ‘Prezi’ is the ability to rotate your images and ‘fly’ into your images or text. This is where the templates have these features already set up (later, try it on your own if you are a first time user). You can always change the path of your slides (left side bar) and move the slides up and down or use the ‘pencil’ tool to choose a new direction for your slides.


Step 6

Step 6: Share, Collaborate and Present

Share via social media and email and then you can present via the iPad app or download your presentation. Here is an example of a ‘Prezi’ template that I have used to demonstrate some of the features.

Image credit: JuditK

Megan Iemma

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