Technology spotlight: Popular smartwatches

As wearable technology is becoming increasingly common, one of the areas that’s been of the most interest to technology companies is the smartwatch. The Pebble started rolling, and it wasn’t long before the big mobile companies decided to get on board as well. Here’s a quick overview of the more popular smartwatches currently out there… and one that’s soon to come!

The Pebble


Ah, the Pebble. It started with a wildly successful Kickstarter campaign, and was one of the first real contenders in the smartwatch category.

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Pros: Uses an e-ink screen, so it can go up to 7 days on a single charge and is also easy to view in sunlight
Has a standard 22mm watch band, so you can change them up at any store.
Works with both iOS and Android

Cons: Has less features than many other smartwatches–no camera or microphone, fitness tracking, or colour screens (though to some, that may be a pro!)
Large and rectangular design might not suit smaller wrists
Limited smartphone integration–dependent on developers creating specific Pebble apps

Android Wear watches

Galaxy Gear

As Android grows in popularity, many smartphone companies have also released their own takes on smartwatches based on Android WearSamsung Galaxy Gear, Sony Smartwatch, LG G. Note that the Samsung watches generally need to be paired with Samsung smartphones (Samsung Galaxy Gear pictured above). However, in most cases, the feel is similar–it simply comes down to the design you prefer.

Pros: Full Android integration–you can view notifications for all apps on your Android phone, and some apps will also provide additional features
Full colour screen
Additional features such as camera and microphone, fitness tracking, etc.

Cons: Battery life runs out much faster–generally needs to be recharged daily
Large and rectangular design might not suit smaller wrists, and some people find it uncomfortable to wear
Some watches may only pair with specific phones, and all will only work with Android phones (sorry iPhone users!)

Moto 360

Moto 360 Dynamic Black

This is also an Android Wear watch, but I’m calling it out for its striking looks. Specific pros are the distinctly watch-like look and the round screen. Specific cons are that sometimes notifications are cut off because Android Wear is designed for rectangular screens, and battery life is about 12 hours at best.

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Apple Watch


It’s no surprise that this is the watch that has everyone talking. Though yet to be released, it looks to be yet another trendsetter, but this time in the smartwatch space. Whether you love or hate Apple, this watch has a distinct look and feel. There’s also different ways of interacting via touch, and a nifty side dial that’s a throwback to classic watches, yet used in a very modern way. Until it’s released, we won’t know its pros and cons for sure… but it’s certainly one to look out for!

Of course, it’s only available for iPhone users.

Do you use any smartwatches? Love them? Hate them? We’d love to hear from you in the comments!

Featured image: pestoverde

Leanne Yong