Unstoppable on Ice – A trip you cannot MISS

Fire on Ice event

117 entrepreneurs + 10 days of electrifying business and life experiences + Antarctica = A once in a lifetime business experience!

Fire on Ice, Entrepreneurs in Antarctica during 25 January to 4 February 2015 inaugurated by The UNStoppables Club promises to be a once in a lifetime, unique experience for entrepreneurs looking to create and engage with each other, access life and business opportunities, be inspired to set and achieve challenging goals and form strategic alliances.

Leaders in Heels sat down to chat with Julio De Laffitte, Founder of the UNStoppables on all things Fire on Ice and why you should pack your bags for this trip.

1. Why did you choose Antarctica as the destination? What qualities about this destination make it suitable for an entrepreneur event?
Antarctica is at the edge of the world, and we want to take entrepreneurs to the “edge” of their thinking, as we believe there is a new conversation seeking to emerge. The people I know who have been to Antarctica, returned inspired and powerful. All of this makes it perfectly suited for this event, as we seek to challenge the UNstoppables Community to play a bigger game.Antarctica is at the edge of the world, and we want to take entrepreneurs to the “edge” of their thinking, as we believe there is a new conversation seeking to emerge

2. Can you tell us in your own words what inspired you to start this event?
It all started with an initial desire to take a group of amazing people, somewhere amazing to start a process of exploring our service to humanity and manifest our true legacy. Whenever I am around friends or colleagues that have businesses, there is a fantastic energy and I knew that if we could create this event, the results would be life changing and inspiring for the actual participants and by default to the planet.

3. What are you personally hoping the participants will get out of this trip?
I hope they get whatever is seeking to emerge for them. I want them to truly connect with their legacy, (especially if it still is at an embryonic stage) why they are here and what is their life’s purpose and how this all connects with and manifests through their business.

I believe that entrepreneurs are wired differently; that “wiring” is what we seek to explore together. Each person will teach and learn as we create this to be peer to peer. Just imagine if you had 117 people like that, becoming aware of the fragility of the planet, using their business acumen to collaborate, to grow to make more profit… however profit with purpose and true social consciousness where others get to win.

4. What type of people are you looking to come on this trip? For example, start ups, established businesses?
Both! We are seeking to have a great mix of entrepreneurs in various stages of their journey, as well as some investment and venture capital partners so that we can have “old money” meet with “new ideas” and vice versa. We have some of the most amazing facilitators and thought leaders to get the most out of this for those who choose to come.

We don’t want people that would struggle financially to be there… in other words if one cannot see the value of being on a trip like this with other amazing people, then that person should not come.

5. What do you think is the most important quality that makes a female entrepreneur successful?
If we had more women in leadership quite honestly the planet would not be in the mess it is in. Women have the ability to be tough and to be caring all at once.

The most important quality for female entrepreneurs I have noticed over the years are: To have a voice, internal permission to say as it is, a defined mission and not trying to be a guy simply because the world is desperate for genuine female energy.

“Unstoppable with great internal permission for success.”

6. Tell us about a similar trip you may have undertaken that led you to create the business you have now?
I have been to the Galapagos, Egypt, Rio and I did this with amazing groups of friends and entrepreneurs and I guess in some way this was part of the process of creating the Unstoppables Community and the Antarctica project. Often people who are very successful are very busy too, not because of diary commitments but because they want to drink all the juice life has to offer.

We noticed that when these people get together… it goes off. Real opportunities get created and the power to deliver it is at hand. So it gets done.

Image credit: Quark expeditions

Julio De Laffitte
Julio. In the Park. Business suitJulio is the founder of UNStopabbles a meeting ground based on a series of gatherings for those entrepreneurs celebrating what is truly important in life. Fire on Ice, Entrepreneurs in Antarctica is the first event of its kind being together female entrepreneurs to engage and create business opportunities as well as consider the impact on the environment. Visit the UNStoppables to learn more about Fire on Ice.