5 Digital Marketing Mistakes You Should Avoid

Not all digital campaigns yield successful results. Even the most experienced digital marketers can be wrong sometimes. Some mistakes are minor and can even help you patch up weaknesses on your campaign to improve it. However, some mistakes are immensely crucial and can be costly.

Here are digital marketing mistakes you should avoid:

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1. Building a site you like

A website is your number one digital weapon. It’s your online persona. It’s what your target clients see even before meeting or calling you. When you first explore the digital world, building your website is one of the first (and crucial) steps in creating a successful digital marketing. What happens is business owners become too giddy about the idea of creating a website, they often forget the goal of creating one. The goal is to communicate your business through website design and functionality to your target audience.

Your website is not built for you; it’s built for your customers. Here are some helpful questions to ask yourself when building your site:

  • What will your target audience want to do on your site? Get a quote or pricing? Schedule an appointment? Then these functionalities should be easily navigated and available on your home page.
  • What is your target audience demographics? Millennials? Baby boomers? You should create a site that speaks to your audience’s behavior and interests.

2. Forgetting mobile

So your website looks divine and functions how it is meant to be… on desktop, but how about on mobile? Just last year, Google rolled out a worldwide mobile-friendly algorithm update. You can quickly check your site if it passes Google’s mobile-friendly test here. Basically, Google favors websites that are mobile-friendly on their mobile search rankings. For the last 12 months, 52% of all searches for the broad keyword “car dealer” is made through mobile devices. Make sure your website is mobile responsive so you don’t miss the party.

3. Overlooking Social Media

How can you engage social media users in an auto related business? More ways than you can think of. If your website is your online persona, social media is your online personality. It is here where you can create a community of users that share the same interests and behavior — real people.

Take a look at Computerized AutoPro’s Facebook campaign. It garnered more than 200 likes, 50 shares and 47 comments, and counting. Their calls and quote requests increased significantly. One important thing to remember when doing social media campaigns is engaging back. Reply to comments, thank users for their support, use emoticons and the ‘@’ tag.

4. Not making it easy for your customers

In relation to building a site for your target audience, another important aspect is customer experience. Do your customers leave the second they click on your site? Aren’t you getting enough subscribers or form submissions? We are in the era of customers. A great digital campaign understands the customer’s needs and how they think.

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If you are an ecommerce site, you can improve customer experience by allowing guest checkout. Most people like to do online transactions quickly and securely, and filling out several boxes is just a hassle. If you’re doing leads generation using a form, you may want to shorten the required fields to only the necessary information like email address and name.

5. Frequent promotions

Customers love promotions — well, it depends. It is proven that people desire things that are “limited.” That is called the psychology of scarcity. If you give out promotions or discounts frequently, you create a perception of availability. With that kind of perception, customers tend to be less motivated because they know, based from your past marketing, that you’ll have another promotion soon. It doesn’t create a sense of urgency, and without urgency there’s no immediate action from the customers. If they don’t call, buy, or submit a form that instant, then they’ll be likely not to do so in the future.

Instead of frequent promotions, offer time-limited deals. In this way you will get your customers interests and motivate them to act quickly.


Jane Dizon is a business, lifestyle, health, fitness, and nutrition enthusiast and blogger. She is a nurse by profession and a writer by passion. She has a soft spot for macadamia chocolate and green tea. She’s an internet savvy who loves Excel sheets, organizing files, and sticky notes.