We created LH Agenda to nurture, inspire and EMPOWER you because the world needs you and your AGENDA.

There is nothing humble about our vision – we want to see everyone find their LEADER within and make their MARK on the world. Including YOU. Especially YOU.
LH Agenda community

We believe that when you take steps towards becoming a LEADER of your own life you choose the path that is best for you – whether it’s entrepreneurship, corporate life, or something completely different. And when you follow your calling your contribution becomes invaluable to the world.

So we are here to encourage you to go after your DREAMS and to make your mark on the world. Don’t worry how big or small that mark is. Every little thing matters. Because YOU matter and the world needs what you have got.

We create beautiful products to inspire you along the way as you take brave steps towards achieving your big, hairy, audacious GOALS.

Monogramming Leaders in Heels Personalised stationery


We have also created an online COMMUNITY to help you connect with other LH Agenda Setters, support each other, and network. We feature interviews with extraordinary leaders and offer advice from our pool of inspirational contributors.

We do this because we believe that when you share your AGENDA, you might just inspire others. When we support each other, amazing things happen.

So go ahead. Dream. Define. Do.

We’re with you all the way.

Our Timeline

Kasia Gospos CEO Leaders in Heels

“Life is like a pen and you have the power to draw whatever you can imagine, but the ink is limited, so make sure you use it wisely and create the life you love. Start crafting your ‘brand new’ from today. Forget about the past. Your future starts now.”
Kasia Gospos, CEO/Creative Director, LH Agenda


In 2008, LH Agenda founder Kasia Gospos left her corporate role in Poland, stepping out of her comfort zone to seek new horizons in Australia.


Her journey of discovery led her to interview women from all walks of life to connect with them, learn from them and then share their experiences to inspire and empower other women. From these interviews, Leaders in Heels was born.


Through hundreds of interviews and feedback from the Leaders in Heels community, Kasia identified six common traits shared by successful leaders. These six traits came together to form the Leaders in Heels Manifesto, which is at the heart of all products she develops.


From its humble beginnings as a simple blog, Leaders in Heels has grown into an online community of dynamic and successful women. We launched Make Your Mark, an everyday notebook with a simple goal in mind – to unleash a remarkable leader in every woman on Earth. The notebook was fully crowdfunded in 10 days and we sold out all 2000 copies. We delivered the notebooks to the offices around the globe including companies such as Unilever, Microsoft or American Express. The notebook was even featured on Australian national TV!

Your notebook is a lovely and practical way of summarising some very wise thoughts to inspire us all and importantly, help us translate them into action. Alison Watkins, Managing Director of Coca-Cola Amatil


Following the success of our Make Your Mark notebook, we have continued to evolve into a stationery brand with a mission to nurture, inspire and empower female leaders and entrepreneurs.


Designing incredible products that help you become a better leader in your everyday life is what we love. And we wanted that to include everyone. With the first unisex career products launched in 2020 and a desire to help our young leaders, it was time for an expansion. Leaders in Heels rebranded to LH Agenda.


Welcome, and thank you for being part of our story and our community. We hope LH Agenda will inspire you to make your mark on this world, and go from dreaming to doing

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