Are you the right partner for LH Agenda?

LH Agenda wants to collaborate with organizations and businesses that share the same values, live by our Manifesto and demonstrate through their business practices they are creative, innovative and kind.

We also want to team up with organisations supporting causes that are important to professional women and who are inspired to create a supportive and collaborative environment for aspiring female leaders. Our partners support our mission and are active and committed to working together in growing each other’s reach, making impact and empowering more female leaders.

Who we are

LH Agenda is an online community and an Australian premium stationery brand that nurtures, inspires and empowers the leaders of tomorrow. We provide our community with tools, resources and information relevant to their daily lives and want to help them develop their careers, run thriving businesses and live a healthy and well balanced life. We are particularly passionate about empowering female leaders and we pride ourselves on providing a forum for like-minded women where they can connect, network, learn from and be inspired by each other.


Our vision is for LH Agenda to become the preferred stationery brand for aspiring leaders.


Our mission is to inspire, educate and empower the leaders of tomorrow, provide them with tools, resources, valuable networking opportunities and to promote gender equality. We want to promote leadership traits such as passion, creativity, innovation, confidence, determination and kindness.

What we can offer

  1. Promote your initiatives, products and events etc. through LH website, newsletter, advertising, social media shout-outs
  2. Product collaboration/joint product launch with our Founder, Kasia Gospos
  3. Media Partnership – ongoing partnership
  4. Media Partnership – Sponsoring your one-off event
  5. Affiliate revenue – see our affiliate program
  6. Joint organisation of events in support of common causes
  7. Other forms of collaboration – sky is the limit!

Partnership can include but is not limited to:

  • Access to our database of social followers and email subscribers (female 25-60 yo, career-driven corporate women, entrepreneurs, small businesses, large disposable income, fashion-conscious)
  • Giving you rights to use our artwork or using your artwork on our products + cobranding
  • Our time to assist you with your initiatives
  • Be recognised as a LH partner on the LH Partners’ page with a direct link to your website
  • Promote your events in our newsletter


What we love in return

Partnership can include but is not limited to:

  1. Promoting our initiatives and products through your website, newsletter, advertising space and social media shout-outs
  2. In-kind support e.g. photography, video production, PR, marketing, legal and business advice, IT support etc.
  3. Shared profit from our joint ventures
  4. Affiliate revenue
  5. Include LH logo with link to LH site on your partners/supporters page
  6. Flyer and promotional material distribution at your events


Tips for your application

In your proposal, be very clear and specific in what you would like us to do and what you will do in return. Tell us about the value it brings to both parties! We are looking for proposals that are fair to both sides, where the potential benefits make it worth the effort to implement.


Our sponsors and supporters make our work possible!

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