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About us

Launched in October 2011, LH Agenda is a dynamic online community attracting successful and savvy women working in the business and corporate world. Our readers are seeking relevant, up-to-date and on-trend information they can use to enhance their careers, run successful businesses, build their confidence, manage relationships and dress for success.


  • #2 blog in Australia and New Zealand in Technology Category, July 2014 [Catablog]
  • #3 blog in Australia and New Zealand in Business and Finance Category, July 2014 [Catablog]
  • #10 blog in Australia and New Zealand in Lifestyle Category, July 2014 [Catablog]
  • #1 Top Site for Women Entrepreneurs to Love in 2013 [She Owns It]
  • Kasia Gospos, the founder of LH Agenda, has been named one of Australia’s most inspirational women online by Open Colleges 2014.

Our stats

(all stats updated July 2021)

Our audience

We communicate with career-driven corporate women and female entrepreneurs.


What we talk about

We cover a wide range of topics relevant to women developing their careers, running their own businesses and establishing a healthy work-life balance. We regularly discuss issues surrounding:

  • Career and Personal developmentemployment, leadership, people management, communication, self-development, time management;
  • Business & management – start-ups, entrepreneurship, marketing, public relations, recruitment, customer service, social media;
  • Technology and Design – tech trends and news, social media, web and design, software and mobile applications relevant to women and entrepreneurs;
  • Lifestyle – personal branding, styling, health and wellness, work-life balance, finance, insurance, legal advice for women
  • Events – workshops, seminars, networking and other women’s initiatives.

We feature educational articles, advice and tips, relevant and up-to-date news and trends, interviews with inspirational and successful women in business and Q & As.

Advertising options

As our subscriber numbers continue to grow, advertising with us is the perfect opportunity to showcase your product or message, engaging with the female business community through sponsored posts and brand ambassadorships. We can help promote your business through:

  • sponsored content, product/business spotlight & interviews
  • social media shout-outs (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest)
  • newsletter banner and mention
  • newsletter solus email with an offer (event, ebook, special offer etc.)
  • custom orders and packages

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