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There is nothing humble about our vision – we want to see everyone find their LEADER within. Including YOU. Especially YOU. Kasia Gospos, Founder, LH Agenda

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Why LH Agenda

Our 21st century lives are in overdrive, filled with stress, headaches and deadlines as well as the constant demands placed on women in business and leaders finding their voice. Our goal is to make your life more organised, more meaningful, and more successful.

LH Agenda is a community of like-minded future-thinkers who are dealing with the same challenges and obstacles as you.

Supporting YOU

At LH Agenda you will find everything you need to survive and thrive in the modern world. From tips on careers, business, confidence building, relationship management and inclusive work spaces, we’ve got you covered.

We are passionate about building a supportive network so you’ll also have access to interviews with inspirational leaders from all walks of life who are defining success in their own ways.

We have a feeling you’re one of them?

Join Leaders in Heels Community
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Empowering YOU

As part of our mission to empower leaders, LH Agenda offers stylish and purposeful stationery to help you cultivate the habits of a successful leader, inspire you to find and follow your passion, and help you stay on track to achieve your goals and dreams.

Our stationery is a unique offering, purposefully structured with exercises and activities created in collaboration with leadership and self-development experts. It inspires, educates and helps you build new habits incrementally, from one day to the next.

The world needs you and your AGENDA, and we want to help.

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20 replies on “Welcome to LH Agenda

  • Shari

    Glad I read that email that your article was posted on – It led me to find you! This is absolutely inspiring and so empowering. I’m really looking forward to being part of this group!
    Thanks for providing this venue:)

  • chris

    I was at the fishburner’s meeting last night 12 April, my first time and really impressed with the speakers and attendees. They are real friendly and not the usual that we see at our boys tech-meetup. Anyway, the difference is the way male and female approach the idea or problem. I notice that some element of luck and chance, personality etc playing a role in their success. In contrast, when we have boys meetup, we are looking for solutions to something, discussion can be loud and confrontational…usually with pizza and bear. Last night it was wine, bread, cheese, dips and nuts, getting to know the next person, hand-shakes etc. Naturally it was good as there were plenty of females and only a few guys. Secondly, in guys type of discussion we tend to be serious – like dead serious – putting our money where our mouth is. Last night, it was more like sharing of experiences not even mention of money or funding etc. So why am I writing all this ? Well, hopefully by now someone have catch my drift…that is to get leaders in heels and techie guys together for a real party or hackathon or something to get those ideas to flow. Right now we are seeing the Yin of things, surely we need the Yang as well to make it work.

  • niba mercy

    came across your post through a friends wall and got carry by the way you go catering for the needs of the women and help them bring out the leadership in them. I am so overwhelm and wish to draw much inspiration from the group which can enable me build the leader in me .I sincerely need you guidance to really identify all the 6 criteria that makes up a leader in heels.
    Thanks will always be in touch
    Niba Mercy

  • Ayisha Lopes

    I am so excited about stumbling upon this!! I facilitate a group of women who are either parents of or caregivers for children ages 5 and under. Every 5-6 weeks I present a new focus topic for that session and we were speaking last session about creating vision boards. I was looking for inspirational quotes to empower and strengthen women and your website came up in the search! I am excited about what is ahead!!!

    Thank you for following your passion!


  • Sara Jamil

    I am filled with deep gratitude for having found you as my continuous research on women empowering women brought me to your site! I am thankful for the internet which connects us sisters globally- how powerful is that!
    Your stationary and your mission is something my company CompassionFirst fully endorses. We facilitate empowering events for women focusing on community and compassion to help them take responsibility for their own lives and lead themselves and others.
    I know this is just the beginning of something phenomenal!!

  • Jennifer

    What is the difference in the content between the Aspire Career Designer and the Make Your Merk self coaching journal? I get one is digital and one is a book, but from a content standpoint who is the target audience for each?

  • Kasia Gospos

    Hi Jennifer,

    Think of the Aspire Career Designer as a deep dive into building your career, while the Make Your Mark self-coaching journal zooms out to explore your confidence, goals, work and life habits as a whole.

    The Aspire Career Designer leads you to setting a vision and roadmap for your career, and then engaging the skills, mentors, and development required to get there. It includes career, business and leadership related tips/exercises.

    The Make Your Mark self-coaching journal is designed to help you develop key leadership traits of passion, creativity, innovation, confidence, determination and kindness. It draws on content such as visualisation, defining your values, discovering strengths and passions, gratitude, mindfulness, confidence and goal setting. It’s a resource for life and fulfillment that includes your career rather than singularly focused on career.

  • Kasia Rafalko


    Thank you so much for creating Leaders In Heels! I have been looking for this for a very long time and I am very excited to share it with other Leaders In Heels in my life!

  • Candace Hodder

    I only recently discovered your products and am currently waiting for my purchase. I love the focus on women in leadership and am excited to see more.

  • Lorena

    My absolutely favourite planner that has allowed me to organise, prioritise and accomplish goals.

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