5 key tips to maximising your profile on LinkedIn

In a previous post it was discussed how employers are using LinkedIn and other social media tools to find their future employees and get a feel for their online personality. In this post I share 5 key tips in getting the most out of your LinkedIn profile and ensuring it puts you in the driving seat when it comes to finding your perfect job.

Don’t forget this is a professional network and these tips are geared towards portraying yourself in the best possible light for your future employers – remember everything can be searched so think about your long term goals when you post. LinkedIn is a professional network and these tips are geared towards portraying yourself in the best possible light for your future employers

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Tip #1: Connect with the key movers and shakers in your industry. If you don’t know who they are then search for companies and groups that resonate with your profession. Take note of who posts regularly and try to engage them by adding your comments too. Try an advanced search to find the key contacts within companies that you want to work for – enter location, job title and company name. You can view 2nd and 3rd tier connections (friends of friends) so the more relevant connections you have in your industry the better.

Tip #2: Regularly post updates. You can link interesting articles (perhaps this one?!), ‘like’ other updates (this will show on your timeline) and generally link anything from the web that has a share button. You can share just as a status update or as you get more confident you can share with any groups you are part of – don’t forget to make a relevant comment to introduce whatever you are sharing.

Tip #3: Ensure your profile is positive and you are upbeat about your current or most recent position. Just as in any job search situation, no one likes to hear people bagging their current or past employers. There is an option for any awards, projects or blogs to be highlighted within your profile – depending upon your line of work this could be very useful for you.

Tip #4: Don’t be afraid to offer written testimonials/recommendations to your connections – there is every chance they will reciprocate. This is probably the easiest way to generate endorsements as opposed to asking for them. That being said, if you do get great feedback from people then make sure you suggest to them that it would be appreciated if they could post that on LinkedIn.

Tip #5: Use regularly and ensure you respond to any requests promptly. If asked to connect you can view the requester’s profile and decide if you wish to accept their invite. If approached by a recruiter and the role isn’t for you – suggest you meet for coffee or arrange a phone chat to discuss exactly what types of opportunities you are searching for. Remember even if they don’t have the perfect role for you right now, they may have in the future!

Kathie Kelly is the Director of Square Pegs Consulting which was founded to provide affordable assistance to not for profits, businesses and individuals with recruitment, HR projects and CV writing. Kathie has spent a number of years in recruitment, workforce planning, marketing/business development and community/corporate partnerships in both NZ and Australia.

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As a keen follower of the arts Kathie is also on the board of the Anywhere Theatre Festival, loves to travel and is an avid rugby league follower. You can connect with Kathie on LinkedIn at http://au.linkedin.com/in/kathiekelly or visit her website at www.squarepegsconsulting.com.au